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ASOLO REPERTORY THEATRE 2012-13 SEASON - Asolo Repertory Auditions

Posted: April 2, 2012

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Asolo Repertory Theatre
Sarasota, FL

Call Type
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

Claire Simon Casting
1512 N. Fremont
Suite 202
Chicago, IL 60612

Monday, April 16th
10 AM-3 PM

will be taken by the Equity office beginning Monday, April 9th at 9:30 AM. Call 312-641-0406 9:30 AM-12:30 PM and 3:00-4:30 PM


> EPA Rules are in effect.
> A monitor will be provided.

Casting Associate Becca Knights will attend with casting authority.

Other Dates
1776: 1st Rehearsal 10/16; runs 11/16-12/22
Can’t Take It With You: 1st Reh 11/29; runs 1/4-4/20/13
Heidi Chronicles: 1st Reh 12/11; runs 1/19-3/20
Clybourne Pk: 1st Reh 2/1; runs 3/15-5/2
Game's Afoot: 1st Reh 2/22; runs 3/29-5/12

LORT Non-Rep
Tiers C (Actor min. $710/wk) and D ($566/wk)

Male and Female Actors and Actor/Singers for 1776; YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU; THE HEIDI CHRONICLES; CLYBOURNE PARK; and THE GAME'S AFOOT. See breakdown.

A breakdown has been added for this notice. See below.

Bring 2 Headshot/Résumes, attached.
NON-MUSICAL: Prepare 2 monologues, 3 minutes total max.
MUSICAL: Prepare either a brief song (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) or 16 bars (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) and a 1-minute contemporary monologue. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided.


Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


[JOHN ADAMS] Late 30’s – Mid 40’s. Character voice/Baritone; Leading role, passionate, obnoxious, defiant.
[BEN FRANKLIN] Mid 60’s – Early 70’s. Character voice/ Baritone; leading role, wise, mischievous, wily, substantial.
[THOMAS JEFFERSON] Early – mid 30’s. Baritone or tenor; leading role, tall, earnest, unaffected, virile, brilliant.
[RICHARD HENRY LEE] Late 30’s – Mid 40’s. Strong tenor; major role, aristocratic, big, proud and bold, can possess a slightly over-eager quality at times.
[EDWARD RUTLEDGE] Mid 20’s – Early 30’s. Tenor or Baritone; major role, aristocratic, formidable opponent, passionate, fierce.
[JOHN HANCOCK] Late 30’s – Late 40’s. Baritone; leading role, burdened, ironic, authoritative.
[ROGER SHERMAN] Late 20’s – Late 30’s. Baritone; a simple cobbler. Earthy, yet proud.
[ROBERT LIVINGSTON] Mid 50’s – Mid 60’s. Baritone; cautious, hesitant, almost indecisive.
[JOHN DICKINSON] Early 40’s – Early 50’s. Bass-baritone; major role, thin, hawkish with elegance.Proud
[DR. LYMAN HALL] Late 40’s – Late 50’s. Baritone; caring, thoughtful, ultimately independent.
[THE COURIER] Late teens – Mid 20’s. Baritone or tenor; exhausted, an innocent who has seen it all.
[ABIGAIL ADAMS] Early 30’s – Late 30’s. Mezzo soprano; homespun and lovely, smart, a caring and equal partner.
[MARTHA JEFFERSON] Early 20’s – Late 20’s. Soprano; startlingly lovely, knowing, modestly flirtatious.

[PENNY SYCAMORE] Late 40’s – Late 50’s. Gentle and placid nature. Has the comfortable, homey look of a loving, jovial mother. Has a bit of a dreamlike, fanciful quality to her, but also possesses the capability for great passion.
[RHEBA] Late 20’s – Late 30’s. African-American. No-nonsense, direct. Has a sense of youth, sweetness, and happiness, but her personal qualities are somewhat masked by her professional demeanor.
The roles of Paul Sycamore, Head Justice Man, Mr. Kirby, Olga, Martin Vanderhoff, Mrs. Kirby, and Boris Kolenkhov have been cast.

[SUSAN] Early 30’s – Mid 40’s. Warm and approachable, yet firm. Must transition from youthful high school student to feminist crusader, to sharp businesswoman without ever losing her sense of friendliness and fun. Must have the ability to believably play both below and above her actual age.
[PETER] Early 30’s – Late 40’s. Overtly social and terribly clever and droll, but gives the sense that this behavior may mask an inner secret. Also has contrasting moments of being taciturn and reserved. Hiding a wellspring of sadness and bitterness. Must have the ability to believably play both below and above his actual age.
[HEIDI] Early 30’s – Late 40’s. Lovely yet not necessarily traditionally pretty. Has a somewhat lost/searching quality about her. An inner strength, poise, and calm underneath it all. Open and earnest. Must have the ability to believably play both below and above her actual age.
[SCOOP] Early 30’s – Late 40’s. Fast-talker and a bit of a slick dealer. Thinks he’s the sharpest guy in the room and flaunts it. A bit of a wheeler-dealer. Handsome and he knows it. Must have the ability to believably play both below and above his actual age.

[BEV] Mid 40’s – Early 50’s. A once handsome woman who is just starting to be past her peak. Not quite matronly, but definitely comfortable with being the leader in her family. Able to hold it together when everyone around her is going to pieces. Strong, resilient. SAME ACTRESS ALSO PLAYS KATHY – many of the same qualities with an added veneer of being a professional businesswoman and skilled at resolving conflicts.
[FRANCINE] Late 20’s – Late 30’s. African-American. No-nonsense, direct. Pleasant and warm, but her personal qualities are somewhat masked by her professional demeanor. SAME ACTRESS ALSO PLAYS LENA – with the added qualities of steely determination and passionate conviction. Independent, speaks her own mind.
[KARL] Early 30’s – Early 40’s. Walks the line between middle-class friendly All-American neighbor and slightly oily/unctuous and smarmy. Believes firmly in his mission even if no one else around him agrees. Stubborn. SAME ACTOR ALSO PLAYS STEVE – Who balances similar personality traits, but his edges have been softened a bit. His boorish qualities are not quite so overt.
The role of Russ/Dan has been cast.

[WILLIAM GILLETTE] Late 30’s – Late 40’s. Strikingly handsome, a smart-dresser, good-humored. Full of vim and vigor. Elegant and clever. You get the sense his mind works faster than everyone else around him. Incredibly charming.
[MARTHA GILLETTE] Late 50’s – Late 60’s. Somewhat vague and prone to dithering, a bit absentminded. Very sweet and loveable, yet a bit dotty. Maternal type. Stronger than she looks.
[SIMON BRIGHT] Late 20’s – Mid 30’s. At first blush, sweet and charming, open and earnest. Seems to be a naïve, innocent sort of person, but is capable of deviousness and deceit. One of those people you instinctively like and gravitate towards.
[DARIA CHASE] Late 30’s – Early 50’s. Glamorous, gorgeous, captivating. The type that always dresses to the nines and knows how to effortlessly command power. Chic and catty, you love to hate her. An incredibly sharp/acerbic sense of humor.
The roles of Felix Geisel, Madge Geisel, and Inspector Goring have been cast

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