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A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES - Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre Auditions

Posted: November 19, 2013

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Le Petit Theatre du

Vieux Carre

| New Orleans,



of Audition:






Tuesday,December3rd from 10a-6p

Wednesday,December4th from 10a-6p


Midsize Theatres
actorminimum $615/wk


Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre
616 Saint PeterStreet
New Orleans,LA 70116
at Jackson Square, on the cornerof Saint Peterand


Male and FemaleActors. Please Breakdown.


Materials from the play suppliedat the EPA the day of. Bring headshotand resume.

Other Dates

1st rehearsal:Jan. 28, 2014

1st previews:Feb. 26, 2014

Openingnight:March28, 2014

Closing:May 31, 2014


Producers:RobertGuzaand John Hardy

Directedby: David Esbjornson

Adaptedby: Jeffrey Hatcher
GeneralManager:MartianEntertainmentLLC Casting: Telsey + Co./WillCantlerand KarynCasl

EPA Rules are in effect.

A monitor will

notbe provided. The producerwill run all aspectsof this audition.


To scedulean appointmentpleasecontactAndrew Femenellavia email (preferred)

confederacyepa@gmail.comor call 212-868-1260est. 49.

Performersof all ethnic and racial backgroundare encouragedto attend. Alwaysbring your EquityMembershipCard to auditions.


NOTE: Ability for deep character-drivencomedy is a must for all roles

IGNATIUST. REILLY: Male 30’s-40’s.
Extremelyover-weightwith an eccentricand somewhatbaffling approachto fashion. A complex and contradictorycharacterdrivenby insecurity and a profoundneed to be acceptedon his
own terms.He is self-aggrandizingand aggressivein his world-viewand his ego often spins out of control.He loves words and the soundof his own voice.The role requiresskills in language, an innate sense of timing,good physicalskills.

IRENE: Female50’s-60’s.
Ignatius’mother. Slightlypastmiddle-agedand widowed.She is longsufferingand patient and has greatly sacrificedthe littleshe has to indulge her “stay-at home”son’sexistence.Despite her arthritisand other ailments of age, she is indefatigable,sees the bestin people and loves her son deeply.Her future dependson gettingher son to successfullygrowup. Role requiresa spirited and generousenergy,coupledwith a somewhatfrail spirit.Thereis alsoa robust physicalitythat suggestsa dormant sexualenergy.

SANTA:Female40’s – 50’s
A new and colorfulfriend of Irene’s—generous,fun-loving,vulgarand over-bearing,she is fiercelyprotectiveof Irene, looksafter her and helps her changeher life. Role requiresa bold and confidentpresence.SANTAdoublesas BARTENDER.

CLAUDE: Male 60’s-70’s
Claudeis workingclass with conventionaland conservativepoliticalbeliefs. He is retiredwith a pensionand the loveof his family but is lookingfor female companionship.Althougha former railroadworker,Claudespeaks and carrieshimselflikea gallant,old-worldsouthern gentleman.

MANCUSO:Male late 20’s – mid30’s

Italian American.A dedicated but frustrated undercover cop with a beat-cop’smentality,he is passionate,earnest and prepared to pay his dues.He tries to act tough, but at heart he’s very sweet. He works mostly nights and dons a variety of bad disguises in an attempt to remove an unsavorycollection of New Orleans criminals from the streets. Role requires the ability to role- play in numerousdialects.

[LANA LEE]- An sexy and hardened club ownerand leader of a pornographyring, she attempts to scrapetogethera livingby running her two businessesfrom the same location.Lana has a sexy, perhapsS&M quality and toughdemeanor.The role requirespoise, commandand ideally, a throaty vocal quality.[MYRNAMINKOFF]- A New York Jewishleftywith opinionson almost everything,includingher former boyfriendIgnatius. Myrnais a force of natureand very intelligentbut likeIgnatius, she is full of paranoid and implausiblefantasies.The role requiresa highly spirited,no-nonsense,tough-lovequality.[LIZ] - Part of a trio of colorful, butchlesbians with loudmouthsand ridged attitudes.

GEORGE/MRS.LEVY/FANTASYMYRNA #2/BETTY:Femalelate 20’s – early 30’s
[GEORGE]- A hyped up street kid, he functionsas Lana’s porn runnerand lackey.Possiblya user,Georgeis a high-strungslim-jim,impatientand lacking good judgment.Role requiresa quirky, caffeinatedphysicalityand quick tongue. [MRS. LEVY]- She is high-strungand
intolerantwhenit comesto her husband but has a self-flatteringinterestin social causes and in particular,thoseemployeesshe feelsare ignored and exploitedby the factoryher husband fails to run effectively.The role requiresa strongsharpquality.[BETTY]- Part of a trio of colorful, butchlesbianswith loudmouthsand ridged attitudes.

DARLENE:Femalein her 20’s.
A dumb-like-a-foxB-girl workingin Lana’s club.She parades a sexy innocenceand aspiresto becominga stripperwith her own act involvingher pet cockatoo.She is open and kind and thereforequite exploitable.The role requiresa youngwomanwith a proportionedbody,a lackof modestyand keensense of irony. DARLENEdoubleswith the FANTASYMYRNA #3

JONES:Male,African-American,late 20’s to 30’s.
A cocky, funny and raging hustlerwith a subjectiveand astutesense of racial and political injustice,he is often vagrantand in trouble. Jonesuseshis sharpwit and perceptionsto surviveboth jail and the street.Role requiresan irreverentsensibilityand a quick,sharp delivery.

[GUS LEVY]- The often-absentownerof LevyPantsCompany,a factoryoperationinherited from his father,Gus is a seethingvat of irritationalwaysready to blow.He so loathesLevy Pantsthat he comesinto work only to collect his mail. He is intelligentand well-meaningbut his imaginationhas been clippedby his tyrant of a fatherand his optimismbrow-beateninto submissionby his hectoringwife.MR. LEVY doublesthe SERGEANT,the somewhatsadistic superiorofficer to MANCUSO,and FRIEDA.[FRIEDA]- Part of a trio of colorful, butchlesbians with loudmouthsand ridged attitudes.

MR. GONZALES/DORIAN:Male,Hispanic,30’s – 40’s.
[MR. GONZALES]- The beleagueredHispanic manger of the day-to-dayoperationsat Levy Pants. Strivingand fussy, he strugglesto functionin the wakeof Mr. Levy’s neglect,a failing infrastructureand incompetentemployees.The role requiresthe ability to do a Spanishaccent. [DORIAN]- A flamboyantgay New Orleansqueenwho loves to cruise and party his way through life. Straightout of Pangborn/Lynde/NelsonReilly.

MISS TRIXIE: Femaleplays70+
An example of one of the incompetentemployeesat LevyPants. Addled, loopy and sometimes hostile, she is well over retirementage and is a victim of Mrs. Levy’s social experiment,forced to stay workingat the factoryfor her “own good”.Role requiresan aggressiveand comedic approachto old age.

MR. WATSON:Male,African-American,40-60:
A somewhatdisgruntledfactoryworker.Mr. Watsondoes not stretchhis working-classmind veryfar but has a few strongopinionsto share.Doubleswith the stoic and somewhat Dickensianfigure,MR. CLYDE.

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