The Boys Next Door at Galena Park High School


3/21/2020 - 3/23/2020


Galena Park High School

Galena Park,TX

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Tom Griffin

Galena Park High School

Lucien's on the hunt for his Spider-man tie, Norman has eaten about a dozen donuts, Barry's out back giving golf lessons to the neighbors (for the low, low price of a nickel), and Arnold has once again threatened to go to Russia. Just another day in the lives of these four roommates, all of whom have special needs. The Boys Next Door is a touching comedy-drama offering a glimpse into the lives of these men and their caregiver Jack, who is run absolutely ragged and is considering quitting. Come for the fun of a midnight rat chase, stay for Barry's emotional reunion with his estranged father. This unforgettable, heartfelt story is presented in partnership with local organizations that support individuals with special needs including Arlington Pediatric Therapy, Clearbrook, National Association for Down Syndrome, and Northwest Special Recreation Association.

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