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Little Women at Dallas Theater Center Kalita Humphreys Theater




Dallas Theater Center Kalita Humphreys Theater

3636 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas + Fort Worth,

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Published in 1868, Louisa May Alcott''s novel Little Women is based on Alcott''s and her sisters'' coming of age in Civil War New England. With their father away fighting in the war, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth must keep their household running with the help and guidance of their mother, called Marmee. The March sisters find joy in life''s small details and endure twists of fortune - Jo sells her hair to facilitate Marmee''s trip to be with her ill husband, Meg becomes engaged, Jo chooses her sisters over a potential suitor, Beth falls ill, and Jo moves away to begin life as a writer. Even through squabbles, challenges, and heartache, the sisters'' unwavering friendship and loyalty help them to fulfill their dreams.

Little Women''s March sisters have continued to enthrall generations of young readers, sparking many popular adaptations for the screen and stage. The latest adaptation of Louisa May Alcott''s timeless story, Broadway musical LITTLE WOMEN brings the March sisters to a new generation of theatergoers, offering a slice of Victorian family life set to a soaring musical score.

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