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Student Blog: What Your Favorite Musical Says About You

I hope I was accurate! These are my assumptions about you based on that favorite musical.

Student Blog: What Your Favorite Musical Says About You

As much as we pretend that picking a favorite show is like "Sophie's Choice," we all have that one show that will always have the top place in our hearts. These are my assumptions about you based on that favorite musical.


You probably love history. If this show was your introduction to musicals, then welcome! If you're a longtime fan and this is your favorite, then you can probably rap "Guns and Ships" perfectly on the first try, and I both admire and fear you. You've probably read the Ron Chernow book. If you haven't seen the tv show "The West Wing," I suggest you watch it; you might notice some similarities. (You'll thank me later.)

"Les Misérables"

You've definitely read the book. You also have VERY strong opinions on the movie, (but let's be real, who here doesn't), but, hey, "Cats" showed us it could have been worse. Also, you have a favorite filmed anniversary performance, which you always recommend over the movie version. You love learning about history, and you're loyal to your friends. While no part of you actually wants to stage a coup, you're not ashamed to admit that you've daydreamed about starting a revolution...y'know, casually.

Any Disney show (other than "Newsies")

You probably saw the show at a really young age and loved it. You really appreciate a good score and costumes, and you're ready to defend the stage version against the movie any day. You're a child at heart, and you love dressing up for Halloween.


You're probably a Fosse stan. You're glad that you have a film adaptation that's actually amazing, and while you love "Cell Block Tango," your favorite song is probably something else. You love the 20's era, and you personally identify with Daisy from "The Great Gatsby." You might feel a little guilty about the fact that you're rooting for murderers, but who cares? It's so fun!

"Dear Evan Hansen"

The 2016 Tony Awards were really fun for you, weren't they? You're a very good friend, and your love language is words of affirmation. You stan Pasek and Paul, and you've been following their work ever since this show came out. You also likely have anxiety and/or depression, and at some point you likely had a successful Tumblr account dedicated to your favorite fandom. You're empathetic and probably a Hufflepuff.

"Come From Away"

You're such a warm and loving person, and you root for the underdog. Your friends always go to you for advice, which you're happy to give. You're great at managing people's energies and mediating resolutions to conflicts. You're a dreamer, and you love to let your imagination run wild. You have a signature dessert that you bake, and it's amazing.


You love being a host. You're a supportive friend, and you'll fight anyone who hurts someone you love. You have big dreams, and your family is important to you. You've tried journaling, but you haven't been able to keep up with it consistently. You also probably really like Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris and/or Taylor Swift, and therefore you have great taste.


You're the life of the party! You're defensive of your friends and loved ones, and you're probably really into girl bands like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix (by the way, if you're a fan of "Six" and you haven't listened to Little Mix-drop everything and listen to them right now.) Your dream role is to play one of the queens, and you've probably learned at least one TikTok dance during quarantine.

Any Sondheim musical

You give me dark academia vibes, and you probably love a good hardback book. Your hobbies include writing poetry and telling people how much you love your favorite Sondheim musical. You're very pensive, and you spend a lot of time daydreaming. You probably hated the "Into the Woods" movie adaptation, and while you think theater should be more accessible, at least part of you thinks maybe Sondheim shows are too precious for the big screen. You also spend way too much time coming up with puns.

"Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812"

Hello, fellow Ravenclaw! You will rant about something you're passionate about for as long as others will listen. You have a lot of stickers, either on your laptop, water bottle, or both. You're pretty quiet-until people get to know you, and then they find out how outgoing you can be. You're very kind and loving, but you can get fierce when you want to be. You love collecting and listening to vinyl records, and you're always there for your loved ones because you're full of empathy. (Also-this is my favorite, so let's be friends!)

You have great taste. You're really into analyzing this show, and you'd punch Marvin in the face if you could. You're very artistic and you probably really like indie/alternative music. You're probably really into reading and/or writing poetry, and your "found family" means a lot to you.


How's your crush on Jeremy Jordan, Ben Fankhauser, and/or Andrew Keenan-Bolger going? You're really into choreography, even if you can't dance, and you probably choose to forget the fact the stage version was adapted from the Disney movie from the '90s. Also, how does it feel to be completely satisfied in life, knowing that your favorite show has an easily accessible pro-shot starring the original cast? Must be nice.


I, too, am frustrated by the fact that "Seasons of Love" is the most famous song from this show, when there are so many other great ones. You're really into activism, and you're probably sleep-deprived. You're a dreamer, you probably have some type of mental illness, and your hope is to one day live in New York. You've probably gotten noise complaints from drumming on the walls to "Today 4 U," but if there's anything this musical has taught us, it's to live "La Vie Boehme!"

"Phantom of the Opera"

You love being a soprano, and you really enjoy the archetype of the ingenue. You're an Andrew Lloyd Weber stan, and you live for all British invasion musicals during the '80s. You're a hopeless romantic, and you probably had a pretty intense "Harry Potter" phase. You probably first got into "Riverdale" unironically, and while you know it's gone totally off the rails at this point you're in too deep to stop.


Your love of this musical is valid! While you resent those who dislike this show for hating on it so much, you stand your ground in the knowledge that the movie adaptation does NOT accurately represent the quality of the show and there is much more to it than meets the eye. You see the good in everyone and you're an optimistic person.


I bet when you still have at least one close friend from your childhood. Also, how have you recovered from watching "Glee" at a young age? (Because, same). You have main character energy-as you should. You probably really like a good enemies-to-lovers story. You already have your dream cast picked out for the movie, but you're dreading the inevitable stunt casting. (Will it be James Corden as the Wizard, or Meryl Streep as Madame Morrible?)

"Mamma Mia"

I bet you really miss going out for brunch with your friends and, assuming you're of the legal drinking age, enjoying a good mimosa. You know a lot about flowers and posting artsy photos on your Instagram account. You probably often say that you were "born in the wrong generation." You have a Pinterest board dedicated to your wanderlust that you update every time you find a new and exotic place you want to visit. You also fully plan on recreating the "Super Trooper" scene for your child's bachelor/bachelorette party.

"Heathers" or "Mean Girls"

You probably had a pop-punk phase, but it mostly consisted of All Time Low or Panic! At The Disco. You're also a former One Direction fan, and while you look back on that time in your life and cringe, you know that hitting refresh on their music videos to give it more views on YouTube made you into the person you are today. Your policy when it comes to friends is quality over quantity, and it works for you. You're addicted to TikTok and you drink a lot of iced coffee.

"Book of Mormon"

You probably use humor as a coping mechanism, and I hope you have the support you need. Also, you show your love by teasing your friends, but you'd fight any outsider who hurts their feelings, and you're very loyal. You're also spontaneous and adventurous, much to the chagrin and amusement of your more introverted friends. You also probably love Halloween and dress up every year.

"In the Heights"

I, too, think people tend to forget/overlook this show when talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda. You love to argue that this show is better than "Hamilton," and I think you have a good point. You're full of energy and heart, and you're really creative. You're reliant on your friends, and community is important to you. You feel as though you have a lot to prove, you have big dreams, and you're very driven.

"Legally Blonde"

You're really sweet! You love a challenge and you won't stop until you've accomplished it. You're an unironic fan of the "Bachelor"/"Bachelorette" series, and you're tired of pretending that it isn't quality entertainment. Although you have a lot of ambition, people still tend to underestimate you-but that's okay because you love to prove them wrong.


You have a great sense of style, and you tend to secretly root for the villain in Disney movies. You know a lot of random historical trivia, often about marginalized figures who never got proper credit for their role in history. You're also very witty, and you love to show it off. You love a good romantic comedy movie as much as you love true crime documentaries.


You're the ultimate mom friend. Supportive, overflowing with love, and always reliable, anyone would be very lucky to know you. You're idealistic, but rather than back down when the world disappoints you, you fight back with gusto. You're fiercely loyal and very warm, and you give amazing hugs.

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