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BWW Exclusive: Advice to Theatermakers from the National Theater Institute Faculty

NTI provides an opportunity for old world, deep study of the theater, seven days a week. Immersion in not only what it means to make a piece of theater or how to act or direct, but immersion that allows students to find their place in the craft. NTI students study with professional mentors ten hours a day during which they find out what a life in the theater might look like. NTI's curriculum is designed to stretch and strengthen students' imagination and bodies. NTI's semester-long, credit-earning training helps students build an endurance that is both creative and physical through classes 70 hours a week in design, dance, acting, choreography, playwriting, composition, directing, and voice. In addition, a variety of master classes and conversations with established and renowned theatrical luminaries are regularly offered.

Today, for RISK AGAIN!, the NTI and NMTI spring 2015 ensemble share words of wisdom they have recently received from teachers at the National Theater Institute:

BWW Exclusive: Advice to Theatermakers from the National Theater Institute Faculty

"The most important person on stage is the other person." - Jonathan Bernstein

"When you walk into a room, look to see how you can be of service to others." - Colman Domingo

"Breathe. Connect to your breath." - Alex Gemignani and Erin Ortman

"Actors get good after we get notes. Just get the notes." - Forrest McClendon

"Acting is the craft of changing your scene partner's face, and responding authentically to their change in face." - Brian McManamon

"You are enough." - Susan Misner

"All you have to do is try to make your scene partner look good." - Lee Overtree

Learn more about NTI's acclaimed semester-long, credit-earning training intensives by visiting and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (@NTIRiskFailRisk).

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