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BWW Blog: Marcus Martin - Gifted Beyond the Stage

“Let’s empower one another and be great together.”

I truly believe that some people were born with a mission. Some call it talent, or a gift. The man you are going to read about was born to bring joy into this world.

Before I came to Baldwin Wallace I followed every Instagram page for the University. One day, Marcus Martin was doing a takeover, sharing his day with so much energy, during convocations for the Conservatory. After that day, I knew I needed to meet this guy. Not only he's one of the most talented people I've seen around (see it for yourself), he's also a class act, and brings a smile to everybody's faces.

I have no doubt you'll soon hear his name in the industry (maybe playing one of his dream roles as the Genie in Aladdin or Hercules Mulligan in Hamilton). But for now, you can listen to his podcast and follow his very inspirational Instagram page! Here's Marcus:

BWW Blog: Marcus Martin - Gifted Beyond the StageIS: Now that you've graduated, looking back at your time at BW, what was the most important thing you've learned?

MM: There are so many valuable lessons I learned during my time at BW. However, I would say the lessons I learned about the business side of our industry were the most important! "Show Business" really is the perfect phrase to describe what we do. Our program head, Vicky Bussert always reminded us that while it's important to have the training and skills needed to put on a great SHOW, knowing how to navigate the BUSINESS is what will truly sustain you.

IS: You have launched an interview series during the pandemic called Living Room Conversations, now available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Tell us a little bit of what inspired you to start this project and what are your goals with it.

MM: I've always loved talk shows and fantasized about hosting my own! That platform is one of a kind, and it's reach is limitless! When the pandemic hit, I knew I wanted to create fascinating content from my living room that people could enjoy! So I started interviewing some of my friends on zoom, and BOOM Living Room Conversations was born! Right now, my goal is just to continue to lift spirits, especially during this tough time. Whatever that brings, I'll be happy with it!

BWW Blog: Marcus Martin - Gifted Beyond the Stage
Marcus in
the Great Lakes Theatre
production of The Music Man

IS: Who are your biggest inspirations? Artistically, and personally speaking.

MM: One of my biggest inspirations artistically is Joshua Henry. As an actor, the way Joshua Henry makes songs and dialogue come alive is words. Listening to him talk about his process in interviews is like a masterclass! I also really admire his work ethic! It would be so easy for someone who's accomplished the things that he has to be complacent! His drive is so admirable. Personally, MY MAMA ANGELA RACHELLE THORPE-MARTIN! She is the most brilliant person I know. I'd be so lost without her! Anything good about me is because of her.

IS: What would you like say to the next generation of black artists?

MM: The other black artists in the room are NOT your competition! We are conditioned to believe that there is only room for one black artist at a time. Don't fall into that trap. Let's empower one another and be great together.

BWW Blog: Marcus Martin - Gifted Beyond the StageIS: We should celebrate black lives every day of the year. But since it is Black History Month and I know that you love amplifying black voices, is there something that you would like to say during this time of the year?

MM: Nothing that I wouldn't say during the other 11 months! Do your part to dismantle racism. Hire black people, pay them equally, protect black women, make sure your anti-racism work isn't performative, we are more than our trauma, Black Lives Matter!

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