Passport to Broadway Guest Blog #1: Going To China

by Amy Weinstein

Passport to Broadway Guest Blog #1: Going To China It is with a great sense of respect for all that BroadwayWorld has developed, created and featured in all aspects of Broadway theater standards, and with a great confidence and pride in what I have been able to accomplish throughout my career, that I am honored to partner with the excellent team at Broadway World to bring more attention to one of the most comprehensive experiences for the study of performing arts and related professions internationally.

Bringing our international body of work and our passionate and dynamic vision to give access to, direct and guide diverse students, and collaborate with distinguished professionals in development of new, competitive initiatives, and collaborate with relevant education personnel all over the world, is an honor and high priority for my two Broadway education companies, StudentsLive and Passport to Broadway Global Arts Education. We support the important and competitive theater experience and models for world class, excellent theater education and community/nationally based opportunities, to create cutting edge curricula/ programming and advocacy for the importance of performance arts across the globe. Broadway World and StudentsLive/Passport to Broadway share mutual interests and passion; to generate outstanding theater content and access.

Sharing our successful track record in producing, teaching,programming, curricula and professional development, arts education partnerships, and community relations, as well as with implementing student and community outreach programs; developing domestic and international theater contacts, planning and implementing special projects and initiatives and conceiving, creating, and directing theater productions, through helping provide broad national/international theater platform, is a proud commitment. Our professional background, long held respect and contacts in the theater community on Broadway, across the country and world, and expertise in theater history, methods and philosophies of theater education, helps related Theater Departments worldwide further their interest to provide global, competitive learning and professional, practical education career opportunities for their students, enhancing their already innovative and competitive edge and leadership in this arena. We support the values and philosophies that the best theater studies should prepare students for careers that will enrich and transform the human experience in a rich, incandescent, diverse and highly multi-disciplinary environment.

From over 17 years of work on Broadway, we have culled an enormous student base, via our signature Broadway workshops, in conjunction with our Broadway show partnerships that keeps our year round Broadway education programming operating successfully. Additionally, our international "Passport to Broadway" comprehensive model curricula has brought enormous worldwide expansion and recognition with international conservatories, schools and organizations, a track record of proven potential for significant increase in original artistic/educational content and top brand and audience development opportunities. It is also becoming a sought-after recruiting tool for universities and conservatories in ever expanding global arenas seeking access to great Western art forms.

Bringing our professional goodwill, historical and contemporary knowledge and relationships in the Broadway and national/global education arenas in partnership with the outstanding work Broadway World does to educate its readers, helps us to continue thriving as a pioneer in the performing arts and education sectors and locate the best partners who share competitive standards in higher education curricula, performance values and career opportunities for their students in middle/ high school, graduate and undergraduate studies.We support new expansion and growth into larger and more sustainable theater/music/dance educational markets, wider and more diverse recruitment of serious theater/music/dance students and artists, international and national competitive programming opportunities and newly developed community and global based partnerships.

StudentsLive and Passport to Broadway, global arts education companies were created with a single vision to share the power, history and relevance of musical theater in a larger social, cultural and historical context with performers/students of all levels everywhere, and allowing it to transform their lives and expand their educational knowledge. We have helped pioneer and develop historical, political, social and cultural tie-ins with multiple Broadway shows for 250,000 students, educators and arts advocates in the past 17 years.

Starting literally with just an idea, StudentsLive grew into one of the world's most significant theater education programs with annual international programs engaging groups from Brazil, South Korea, Italy, Guatemala, China and Japan. After 15 years of growth, it now boasts partnerships with virtually every single hit Broadway show, endorsements from America's political, cultural, and artistic leaders, as well as alliances with foreign governments and arts education programs. Most importantly, tens of thousands of young people across the globe have been touched by StudentsLive programs - and that, to me, is the ultimate measure of success.

We are thrilled to bring all those skills and experience to be a part of the overall and esteemed mission for Broadway World and help further instill passion, dedication and global awareness for the high standards of Broadway and Theater Education.

Thank you in advance, for taking the time to read our upcoming blog posts, see our rehearsal pictures and videos in action, and follow us live on BroadwayWorld live Instagram on select dates to be announced here. I am grateful and excited to be a part of this exciting and important new collaboration.

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