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BWW Review: WAIT UNTIL DARK at Fulton Theatre


BWW Review: WAIT UNTIL DARK at Fulton Theatre

There is an old joke about a braggart going into a golf clubhouse and boasting loudly that he could beat any one, at any time. A hush falls over the bar until a man with sunglasses and a white cane steps forth and says " midnight". The punchline reminds me of the plot of the Fulton's latest thriller, Wait Until Dark.

Wait Until Dark stars Katherine Fried as a recently blinded woman named Susan Hendrix. Susan is accidentally plunged into a web of intrigue and danger when she comes into a possession of a doll that a group of criminals want back by any means necessary. Fried has great integrity invested in her part, and her portrayal of a person with a vision impairment was very convincing. She also has a quirky, fun energy about her that reminded me a bit of Lisa Kudrow.

Zack Calhoon, Kevin Earley, and Peter Bisgaier play three of the individuals that Susan encounters when it is learned that the valuable doll is somewhere in her apartment. The three men are consistently effective in their roles, but I don't want to describe their identity in greater detail for fear of spoiling some of the surprise.

Carly Evans has a great turn as the bratty upstairs neighbor girl, Gloria. I found Gloria extremely annoying, but with this particular role, that is a great compliment. Anson Woodin rounds out the cast as Susan's overprotective husband, Sam.

Director, Andrew Kindig does an excellent job with the show's pace, it is full speed ahead from beginning to end. This show definitely has moments of high suspense, which were punctuated by a number of gasps from the audience.

I would be remiss if I did not specifically recognize lighting designer, Mary Lana Rice. Working in the shadows is just as hard, if not harder, than working in full light. Lana Rice brings intensity, thrills, and even a sense of dread to the show. Very well done.

Wait Until Dark is a great October show full of thrills and chills. It is a lot of fun without being over the top. Tickets and show schedule can be found at the Fulton Theatre website.

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