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Woman-Owned, Multicultural Streaming App, Kuukaari, Begins Indiegogo Crowdsourcing

Woman-Owned, Multicultural Streaming App, Kuukaari, Begins Indiegogo Crowdsourcing

As streaming video subscriptions become the "new normal" for global entertainment, Kuukaari plans to change the character of what we view on our home and mobile screens. The world is not uniform, and neither should the content we consume; therefore, the platform plans to become the first place for relatable content by people of color, for everyone to enjoy. Join Kuukaari, as they garner donations beginning July 17, 2019, on the ground floor as the startup plans to launch ethnic storytellers and their viewpoints while providing opportunities for people of color in the global entertainment industry. The new service will enable the discovery of emerging talents from around the world, with a global viewership, instead of just selected continents that meet the bottom line.

"Our selection of content will reflect the real world," says CEO Cecilia Boettcher. "We are committed to sourcing from creators who otherwise wouldn't have exposure or vehicles to showcase their work. Our vision for Kuukaari is to be the destination platform for diverse content by people of color in order to elevate their exposure to new audiences."

The $200,000 fundraising goal for the Indiegogo campaign will provide the capital needed by the start-up to create an infrastructure for all app screening options including desktop and mobile devices. Additional allocation of funds will be used for negotiating legal contracts with content providers, capital expenses, API integration, CRM, marketing, and advertising. There will be three-tiers to the service upon launch, which will allow users to decide the best access and entertainment for them.

  • Basic: $4.99 - One device
  • Gold: $8.99 - Two devices
  • Platinum: $12.99 - Three devices with additional benefits including but not limited to behind the scenes videos, directors' cuts, commentary, and entry into contests.

    About Kuukaari:

Kuukaari was started by a group of people who saw a need for accessible multicultural content that truly represents our ever-connected world and diverse backgrounds. Led by Nigerian-born, Atlanta-raised, and world-traveling CEO and founder, Cecilia Boettcher, Kuukaari was founded on the belief that facilitating opportunities for people of color in the entertainment industry not only fosters bonds as global citizens but also enriches the world, culturally and creatively.

Boettcher currently is a QA Automation Engineer with a computer Science degree from South Dakota State University and an International Management degree from Gustavus Adolphus College. Her current position allows her to create and test online applications by intuiting fixes with bugs and systemic mishaps within the programs.

Boettcher's partner in business and life is Josh Boettcher, president and founder, who is currently employed as a demand planning analyst. In his profession, perfect for perceiving the rise and fall of consumer demand in any industry, he creates forecasts for sales and production, while consolidating and analyzing business data.

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