VIDEO: McKinley High Says 'Farewell to Finn' in GLEE Tribute Promo

In the promo for GLEE's upcoming emotional tribute to Finn Hudson, the McKinley High family joins together to remember and celebrate their friend's life. Actor Cory Monteith passed away on July 13th due to an accidental drug overdose, and the episode will commemorate both him and his character. Click below...

Ryan Murphy opened up about filming the tribute today, saying: "The episode is called 'The Quarterback,' and Cory really was that to that group of people -- and to me particularly. That group of kids particularly went through the limelight and became world famous at a very difficult age and many of them really struggled with it."

"I'm very proud of it," Murphy continued. "I think the performances are quite stunning."

Set entirely in Lima, Ohio, home of fictional McKinley High, where Hudson enjoyed four years as star quarterback, the episode opens with the news of the athlete's death before going on "to focus on all the characters remembering and mourning him, and celebrating his life."

Lea Michele, who portrays Rachel Berry, the on again-off again girlfriend of Finn, will not be seen until the final scene. While her appearance is brief, her performance is "incredibly powerful." A musical number performed by Michele's character will also be featured.

The emotionally charged episode will air Thursday, October 10th on FOX.

VIDEO: McKinley High Says 'Farewell to Finn' in GLEE Tribute Promo