VIDEO: First Look - Trailer for Rene Ortiz's N'A DIFFERENT WAY

Below, check out the official trailer of writer, director Rene Ortiz's "N'a Different Way." The cast includes Melanie Curtain, Jean Marc Berns, Sean Belton, Anthony Ortiz and Conor Tansey.


Pedico, a young man from the Catskill Mountains, relocates to New York City with the help of his mysterious friend Marcus, to realize the dream of using his considerable brainwashing powers to harness the undirected raw energy of younger social outliers to take over the city. Through his wily abilities to control the aimless, questioning or confused, through drugs, mind control, or, simply, his capacity to channel their abilities into concrete realities, Pedico builds up a small group of dedicated lackeys whose combined skills make it possible for him to cuckold even the NYPD, while he builds up his secret stash of cash, information and naive followers.

When his right hand systems engineer and girlfriend, Camill, is one night rescued from his lair by an upstanding drug treatment counselor, Brett, Pedico's grip begins to lose hold. As Camill transforms from funneling her talents into an illicit life of crime into living a life that reflects her true desires, threads of Pedico's dark world break from the underbelly of NYC, onto front page news and she can no longer let her conscience remain quiet.

Now in a romantic relationship together, Camill and Brett use her inside knowledge of Pedico and his gang, and Brett's connections to lawyers and undercover agents to break into Pedico's network of intrigue. As the twisted maze unwinds, it is revealed that Pedico is not the only one in NYC whose quest for power is at play-and not everyone can survive the deadly game.

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VIDEO: First Look - Trailer for Rene Ortiz's N'A DIFFERENT WAY