Top-5 Possible Roles for Portia De Rossi on SCANDAL; Is Pope & Associates About to Get 'Funkey'?

Top-5 Possible Roles for Portia De Rossi on SCANDAL; Is Pope & Associates About to Get 'Funkey'?

Top-5 Possible Roles for Portia De Rossi on SCANDAL; Is Pope & Associates About to Get 'Funkey'?

This article was originally posted in late-July when news of Portia De Rossi's addition to the SCANDAL cast was initially reported. With the Season Four premiere now just a week away, we thought it appropriate to take a look back at Jennifer's predictions for De Rossi's role on the show.

I don't know about you, but I am just now beginning to recover from all of the events in SCANDAL's third season finale. It seems we were left with pretty much every single character's future with a giant question mark hanging over their head. I mean, we're not foolish enough to believe that Jake and Olivia escaped into eternal bliss, right? RIGHT? Not when Daddy Pope's literally got a guy inside the White House who killed the President's son. (Is it too late to say SPOILER ALERT?) Huck entered into the beginnings of a demented love triangle with Quinn and Astrid his wife (the he left behind) by revealing that he is, in fact, alive. Abby and David are still a couple, but not an incredibly exciting one. Cyrus is in mourning over James, and yet continues to do inhuman things to keep his job. And Harrison seemed to be many ways. And finally: the First Family. Fresh off of the sudden death/murder of first son, Jerry, is there a possible reconciliation in their future, or are they too far gone at this point? Most importantly, can Mellie catch a freaking break already?

Then yesterday, Ellen Degeneres' not-so-subtle tweet blew up the Gladiator-verse with news of wife, Portia De Rossi's, multi-episode guest arc on SCANDAL's upcoming fourth season. I doubt Ellen was being hyperbolic in saying it's a "top secret" arc, as that's what the SCANDAL team is best at, are they not? So what will this mysterious role be? Here are my Top-5 theories:

1) Quinn's High School best friend shows up and offers us (finally) a glimpse into Quinn's past, pre-Pope and Associates.

2) As a result of a (yet another) past indiscretion, Portia appears as Fitz's baby mama with a 10-year-old daughter in tow to throw a wrench in the First Family's newfound reconciliation.

3) The long-lost sister of Amanda Tanner arrives to seek vengeance for her sister's untimely passing. She is seeking retribution and will stop at nothing to see it achieved.

4) Replacing Harrison after his unexplained disappearance (unless you read the news), Portia is the newest gladiator at Pope and Associates, but for whom does she really work? That's right, Papa Pope and she's his new inside (wo)man.

5) Jake's ex-wife shows up searching for a reconciliation and providing some back story on their life before Jake's recruitment into B613.

But, I think the obvious choice here is that Congressman Herbert Love, along with 'girlfriend,' Lindsay Bluth Fünke, is now looking for some face time with President Grant to work on his campaign to legalize prostitution. Wait a minute...Quinn's real name is Lindsay...whoa.

I am quite certain that Season 4 will not fail to deliver on the usual intrigue. But if I could make some requests they would be:

1) Spice up David and Abby. Hopefully these top-secret files that Jake gave David will give more screentime to David Rosen. Joshua Malina is a freaking gem!

2) Just because Sally lost the election, I hope this isn't the last we see of Kate Burton. There IS a Press Secretary position open, is there not? Too soon?

3) More Scott Foley.

4) An episode dedicated solely to Olivia's dry cleaners and their non-stop efforts to get wine stains out of white coats. Spinoff?

5) More Scott Foley.

Whatever Portia's role, I have no doubt that Shonda and staff will continue to blow our minds. These are just my theories, some possible, some probable, some hopeful? What are your thoughts? Theories? Outlandish fantasies? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @eponineq.

Scandal premieres Thursday, September 25th at 9/8c on ABC.

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