TiVo's Matthew Zinn Honored as 'Deal Maker of Year' by Association of Media & Entertainment Counsel


TiVo Inc., a leader in the advanced television entertainment market, congratulates Matthew Zinn on earning The Association of Media & Entertainment Counsel's PwC Dan Brandhorst Memorial Deal Maker of the Year Award during the group's 8th Annual Counsel of the Year Awards held last week in Los Angeles. Each year the AMEC recognizes the achievements made by in-house counsel members in the media and entertainment industry.

Zinn, who serves as Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Privacy Officer at TiVo, was recognized for his success in leading the Company's intellectual property defense efforts culminating in reaching settlement deals with DISH Network, AT&T, and Verizon resulting in guaranteed payments to TiVo of over $1 billion. In January 2012, Zinn's team settled patent litigation with AT&T and then Verizon in September 2012, guaranteeing TiVo at least $465 million from these settlements in addition to more than $600 million in consideration from the Company's 2011 settlement and damages from DISH.

"Matt brings an unparalleled level of expertise and legal acumen to nearly every aspect of TiVo's business," said Tom Rogers, CEO and President of TiVo. "This award is certainly well-deserved and, while it stems from Matt's rigorous efforts in the settlement of our patent litigations with AT&T and Verizon in 2012, it goes without saying that his entire body of work at TiVo, including his expert prosecution of our litigation against DISH two years ago, his regulatory dealings, and his role in helping TiVo secure multiple new television operator partnerships this year alone, among other notable achievements, is worthy of accolades. With Matt spearheading our in-house legal efforts and his track record of protecting our valuable portfolio of patents, we are extremely confident in our ongoing enforcement actions and the Company's ability to continue to deliver value to our shareholders from our efforts in defending TiVo's intellectual property."

Zinn said, "I am honored and humbled to receive this award. I am also fortunate to be part of a team of skilled attorneys who work tirelessly to successfully protect and further validate TiVo's intellectual innovations and bring them to our customers' homes around the globe."

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