Style Network Announces February Programming Highlights

Style Network announced their upcoming programming highlights for the month of February, today. Included are new episodes for JERSEYLICIOUS, KIMORA: HOUSE OF FAB, and more! Check out the listings below.


"JERSEYLICIOUS" - MONDAYS AT 8PM ET/PT (New Episodes February 4, 11, 18 & 25)
Episode #502 Premieres Monday, February 4 at 8pm ET/PT
While recovering from her blow-out with Olivia, Gigi voices her opinions to Tracy on her upcoming nuptials -- and their friendship will never be the same. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to entice Olivia back to his salon. Filly considers leaving his mom to sign with an agent after booking an underwear modeling gig.

Episode #503 Premieres Monday, February 11 at 8pm ET/PT
Tracy's fight with Gigi leaves her down one bridesmaid and searching for the source of all their troubles. Feeling betrayed, Tracy turns to an unlikely source for answers. Meanwhile, goes on a blind date with an interesting man, and Anthony considers taking on some costly salon improvement projects.

Episode #504 Premieres Monday, February 18 at 8pm ET/PT
Anthony wants to commemorate the 225th anniversary of New Jersey statehood by writing a book on the history of Jersey Style but runs into a few problems with print deadlines. Gigi is determined to resolve her issues with Olivia and Tracy but getting the two of them into one room proves a more difficult proposition than she imagined. Tracy and Corey look into moving out of Jersey and closer to his family.

Episode #505 Premieres Monday, February 25 at 8pm ET/PT
Anthony and Olivia are eager to get their book project rolling, and things seem to be getting off to a great start when they partner with photographer Karl Giant. After being approached to collaborate on the project, Gigi insists on settling matters with Olivia and Tracy before she participates. Tracy and Corey prepare to move, hoping to leave some of the Jersey drama behind them.

"BUILT" - MONDAYS AT 9PM ET/PT (New Episodes February 4, 11, 18 & 25)
Episode #102 Premieres Monday, February 4 at 9pm ET/PT
The Hott and Handy models tackle the redesign of a former female model's eclectic Harlem apartment. Unfortunately, the owner's taste frequently clashes with Kim's and they struggle to find a uniting vision for the property. Gage looks to return to the world of high-fashion modeling after booking more commercial jobs, but he's told he must lose ten pounds to even be considered for any jobs.

Episode #103 Premieres Monday, February 11 at 9pm ET/PT
Wishing to surprise her husband, a homeowner hires the guys to re-purpose her backyard into a man's dream - the outdoor man cave. While her husband is touched by her thoughtfulness, he's skeptical that the attractive contractors know what they are doing and insists on helping. Sandy must figure out how to take control of the job without upsetting his clients. Also, Donny looks to expand his body of work into parts modeling, but it may be difficult for him to model his hands after he roughs them up on the jobsite.

Episode #104 Premieres Monday, February 18 at 9pm ET/PT
The crew is hired to transform a $2 million duplex's master bedroom into a Haven that would please Coco Chanel. Their client, though, has very high standards and has already been through three other contractors. It will take more than attractive models to impress her. Meanwhile, Shane, Gage and Mike train for a grueling race through New York.

Episode #105 Premieres Monday, February 25 at 9pm ET/PT
A Brooklyn couple hires the team to renovate their master bedroom. Things go smoothly until the owners make an unexpected visit midway through the project. Donny seeks advice from Shane on how to update his modeling reel so that he can book more jobs.

"BIG RICH ATLANTA" - WEDNESDAYS AT 8PM ET/PT (New Episodes February 6, 13, 20 & 27)
Episode #103 Premieres Wednesday, February 6 at 8pm ET/PT
Sisters Meyer and Harvin feel that the other is sharing too much information about her with third parties; they must find a way to get along for the sake of their joint business venture. Kahdijiha is not thrilled to learn that the sisters' friend Ashlee has pitted them against each other, and things come to a head at Ashlee's very tense birthday party. Meagan looks to start a fashion retail truck.

Episode #104 Premieres Wednesday, February 13 at 8pm ET/PT
The ladies of the country club are divided after the events at Ashlee's birthday party. Matters escalate when details of the fight are leaked to the press. Also, Sabrina offends Katie while teaching a seminar on financial responsibility. Marcia and Virginia take Katie out for a ladies night.

Episode #105 Premieres Wednesday, February 20 at 8pm ET/PT
Virginia and Meyer encourage Harvin to show her paintings as an emotional outlet. Despite her nerves about showing her very personal work, she consents. Sabrina is hurt when Anandi bails on a charity event to hang out with her friends. Meagan and Marcia meet with potential investors for their fashion truck.

Episode #106 Premieres Wednesday, February 27 at 8pm ET/PT
Meagan plans a weekend escape with Harvin, Meyer and Kahdijiha in tow. The drama, however, doesn't stay in Atlanta. Sharlinda blocks a potential business deal for Harvin and Meyer. Marcia offers to redesign a room for Katie.

"KIMORA: HOUSE OF FAB" - WEDNESDAYS AT 9PM ET/PT (New Episodes February 6, 13, 20 & 27)
Episode #103 Premieres Wednesday, February 6 at 9pm ET/PT
Don and Adam are looking to expand JustFab and offer their customers more than handbags and shoes, while Kimora is set on creating a denim line for the growing company. She assigns Lesley, Director of Merchandising, to spearhead development of the new line. Meanwhile, the creative team is busy brainstorming concepts for their upcoming print ad. Alyson is eager to push the envelope with a nude photo shoot, but she will have to convince the rest of the team that it's the right direction.

Episode #104 Premieres Wednesday, February 13 at 9pm ET/PT
The creative team is tasked with producing an out-of-the-box concept for JustFab's new commercial. The sexy tone of their proposed concept leaves Don less than enthusiastic and the team must scramble to develop a new idea. Meanwhile, Lesley and Rose present their picks for upcoming spring trends to Kimora. Later, Kimora plays matchmaker and sets Lesley up on a date.

Episode #105 Premieres Wednesday, February 20 at 9pm ET/PT
After winning the 2012 Denim Award, JustFab is ready to branch out into dresses. Kimora hands the reigns of design and production to her new protégé Lesley, but the task of impressing Kimora will not be easy. Lianca's frustration with her role at JustFab becomes increasingly apparent and Sandra urges her to regain her passion or she'll be at risk of losing her job. Meanwhile, the JustFab team puts their efforts to a good cause and aligns with the Susan G. Komen Walk for Breast Cancer.

Episode #105 Premieres Wednesday, February 27 at 9pm ET/PT
After winning the viral video competition, Johnny and his teammates prepare to shoot the video. Johnny has trouble concentrating at work after a recent break up so Rose decides to lift his spirits by setting him up on a date. Meanwhile, Kimora and Alyson work together on a photo shoot for fashion bloggers Elle and Blair Fowler.

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