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Spoiler Alert! Recap and Review: Night Three of THE VOICE's Battle Rounds 10/20; Full Results!

Coming into tonight, we were halfway through THE VOICE's Season 7 Battle Rounds, and I honestly couldn't tell you a single person who has won so far. Though there have been many memorable moments, the majority of them have involved the superstar coaches. However, tonight, I that all changed. In a battle between Team Pharrell beltresses DaNica Shirey and Toia Jones, these two absolutely destroyed Beyonce's "Halo" in every possible good way. I have barely had a goosebump all season, let alone the full-body bumps that this performance gave me. Check it out the video for yourself below.

As for this week's game-play, the best addition to the competition that Mark Burnett has made to THE VOICE was The Coach's Steal, which lets the coaches claim a member from another team, after he or she loses a Battle Round. Adam Levine came into tonight's episode with both of his steals remaining, while Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton still had one. Newbie Coach Pharrell Williams burned both of his steals already.

Check out my thoughts on each Battle Round, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt. At some point over night, I will add pictures of each performance.

Team Adam: Damien vs. Kelli Douglas
Song: "Knock on Wood" by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas
Six-Word Review: We Gotta New Godson of Soul?
Should Advance: Damien
Did Advance: Damien
Steal: Nope

The producers of THE VOICE aren't stupid, they know how important it is to have a strong opening number in retaining viewers for the rest of the night, and this one definitely delivered. Both Damien and Kelli gave very strong vocal performances, there was an obvious chemistry in their playful interactions, and they didn't over-do the runs and riffs, allowing this timeless melody to soar.

However, in my opinion, Damien's voice and diction were so crystal clear that it seemed like it was coming directly from a classic Motown record. Kelli brought ample amounts of funk and sexiness to her performance that it almost made you overlook the fact that the song wasn't a great fit for her voice.

Some of Damien's theatrical embellishment reminded me a little bit of James Brown. I feel good!

Team Gwen: Jessie Pitts vs. Ryan Sill
Song: "I Need Your Love" by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding
Six-Word Review: The Drama Queen vs. the Robot
Should Advance: Jessie Pitts
Did Advance: Ryan Sill
Steal: ............................................................................................. Blake Shelton
New Team: Blake Shelton

This was a very surprising battle for me; I completely expected Ryan to blow Jessie away, however, because she completely committed to every aspect of the performance, she just barely tipped the scale in her favor for me.

The coaches all noted Jessie's unique, breathy, angelic sound, but she also brought a dramatic quality to her vocals and performance that made me a fan. The only issue I had was that she seemed to drop out of character when she wasn't singing. Otherwise, she gave an extremely compelling performance worthy of Blake's Steal.

Ryan, on the other hand, didn't bring anything unique, in fact, he was exactly what you would think a former a capella boy band singer would be. His pitch was spot on, and, as the judges said, his voice cut through everything else going on. That being typed, his performance was very robotic; all of his movements and vocal machinations were extremely technical. He was definitely the better singer, but he just didn't have the heart that Jessie did. Ultimately, I am really glad that both will be moving on to the next Battle.

Team Pharrell: Blessing Offor vs. Katriz Trinidad
Song: "Do I Do" by Stevie Wonder
Six-Word Review: Stevie Clone vs. Ariana Grande Clone
Should Advance: Katriz Trinidad
Did Advance: Katriz Trinidad
Steal: Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani
New Team: Adam Levine

It seemed like a perfect fit for Blessing to sing a Stevie Wonder song, not only because, you know, they are both blind, piano-playing soul singers, but because Blessing's voice fits so perfectly into Stevie's signature style. While Blessing obviously performed well enough to get both Gwen and Adam to hit their buttons, instead of highlighting his voice, I thought the song showed his voice's limitations. Maybe because he was so familiar with Stevie's version, Blessing didn't take any liberties, and therefore could only be compared to the original; and ain't no one on a reality TV show going to be able to compete with Stevie.

Watching Katriz perform was made even more impressive by the fact that she is only 15 years old. However, I am afraid that she is suffering from the not-so-dreaded "Ariana Grande disease." This ailment manifests itself in symptoms including insanely ridiculous vocals and the inability for the mouth to properly form consonants, making it next to impossible to understand the words that are coming out of her mouth. That being typed, this little girl can flat wail, and she clearly was the more talented performer. If she can catch on with the teeny-boppers, she has a shot to win the whole thing.

Team Adam: Ethan Butler vs. Matt McAndrew
Song: "Yellow" by Coldplay
Six-Word Review: Underwhelming Deconstruction By Disappointing, Talented Guys
Should Advance: Matt McAndrew
Did Advance: Matt McAndrew
Steal: Nyet

I was completely and totally underwhelmed and disappointed by this battle. The acoustic deconstruction of such a well-known song is usually interesting to me, but this one did absolutely nothing to interesting me at all. Neither Ethan, nor Matt displayed a very good falsetto, which made a song that so relied on the upper register occasionally painful. Both are talented guys, but I didn't think that Adam did either justice in terms of song choice. Ultimately, I think Matt won because he has a definite, unique quality that makes him interesting to watch. Beyond that though, there wasn't a lot about either guys' performance that got my attention.

Team Blake: Bree Fondacaro vs. Taylor Brashers
Song: "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt
Six-Word Review: I wish I could have fast-forwarded...
Should Advance: Taylor Brashers
Did Advance: Taylor Brashers
Steal: Nada

Based on the rehearsal footage, I was really intrigued by what Bree could bring to this song, but unfortunately, all of that excitement went right out the window when she opened the song in a part of her register that was anything less than complimentary to her talents; and ultimately, it didn't get much better after that. She didn't seem to hit many of the right notes, even though she was playing with the well-known melody. Every decision she seemed to make seemed to be affected by the persona that Bree wanted to be known as. Ultimately, neither her performance, nor her voice impressed me.

Taylor had a clearer, more commercial voice that made her version of the song more believable, but it didn't wow me; it didn't make me jump up and down; and it surely wouldn't make me vote for her (if I ever voted for reality shows).

Team Pharrell: DaNica Shirey vs. Toia Jones

Team Pharrell: DaNica Shirey vs. Toia Jones
Song: "Halo" by Beyonce
Six-Word Review: Goodness Gracious, the Goosebumps Are Everywhere!
Should Advance: DaNica Shirey: but it doesn't matter, obviously whoever doesn't win is getting stolen
Did Advance: DaNica Shirey
Steal: Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani
New Team: Adam Levine

What am I supposed to say after that? These two just gave THE BEST performance of the season, and both could end up winning this competition. I am not part of the Beyonce-nation like so many of you are, so don't hate me because of this, but I genuinely preferred this version to Queen B's. I might actually go to iTunes and buy it.

Both women belted, riffed, and performed their hearts out; they both showed an immense amount of passion, and both deserved to remain in the competition. I can't wait to see what they do next.

The only issue I had was that Toia's hair looked ridiculously unkempt. Not a good look.

My Performance Rankings of the Night of Battles:
1) DaNica Shirey
2) Toia Jones
3) Katriz Trinidad
4) Damien
5) Kelli Douglas
6) Jessie Pitts
7) Ryan Sill
8) Blessing Offor
9) Matt McAndrew
10) Taylor Brashers
11) Ethan Butler
12) Bree Fondacaro

Did that last performance give you goosebumps like it did me? What do you think of my rankings of tonight's competitors? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt. Also, don't forget to follow @BWWTVWorld on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for all of the latest TV news, reviews, and recaps.

Photo Credit: Trae Patton | NBC

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