Smithsonian Kicks Off Super Tuesday with AERIAL AMERICA Marathon Today

In a nod to Super Tuesday, when nearly a quarter of the country will head to the polling booths to pull levers that could potentially change the face of the presidential elections, Smithsonian Channel will help viewers celebrate their civic pride with a special themed night of programming. AERIAL AMERICA, the epic, long-running series that offers the ultimate bird?s-eye view of our nation, will feature a 14-hour marathon of the 14 participating primary states on Super Tuesday, March 1, from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm ET/PT.

?This special marathon of AERIAL AMERICA rises above the political rhetoric and conflicts to remind viewers and voters alike of the rich history and many splendors of this great nation,? says David Royle, EVP of Programming and Production Smithsonian Channel.

The AERIAL AMERICA marathon lineup for the day is as follows:

8:00 am ET/PT: ALABAMA
Buckle up and "Roll Tide" as we journey over vast cotton fields, endless waters, storied football stadiums, and historical landmarks that collectively tell the tale of Sweet Home Alabama. Discover its rich history as we reveal the astronomical discoveries that helped us reach the moon and the civil rights victories that forged a path to equality for millions.

9:00 am ET/PT: ALASKA
In ?ALASKA?S CALL OF THE WILD,? ?Aerial America? celebrates adventurers and dreamers lured north to the state?s wilderness. The episode explores what it takes to survive on Alaska?s high peaks, takes us to the starting line of the Iditarod (?the World?s Last Great Race?) and retraces the brutal route in the Alaska Panhandle that early PROSPECTORS followed on their way to the KLONDIKE gold fields.

10:00 am ET/PT: ARKANSAS
Embark on a journey over the land where settlers' westward journeys began and Bonnie and Clyde's crime spree ended, from the Mississippi River bottomlands to towering mountain peaks. The Natural State is rich with the stories of brave pioneers, notorious desperadoes, and hanging judges ? it?s a state with great rivers, great battles and great promise, and the birthplace of Johnny Cash, Maya Angelou and Bill Clinton.

11:00 am ET/PT: GEORGIA
Where the Appalachian Mountains end and a great Civil Rights leader's life began, Georgia is a state rich in natural wonders and history. This aerial tour of the EMPIRE State of the South offers views of Atlanta's skyline, Augusta's legendary golf course, and the rugged barrier island coastline.

12 noon ET/PT: VERMONT
This state of freethinking and green living attracts all sorts, from poets like Robert Frost and artists like Norman Rockwell and the von Trapp family, to nature enthusiasts drawn to its hiking trails, ski slopes and autumn foliage. This aerial tour over the Green Mountain State captures the beauty and history of a state that chose its own path.

The fabled land of 10,000 lakes and source of the mighty Mississippi, the ?North Star State? boasts a rich well of stories, from two flour kings whose rivalry helped create the Twin Cities to the town that inspired Garrison Keillor?s Lake Wobegon. Fictional legends like Paul Bunyon and real ones like Bob Dylan and Prince have all left indelible marks on the state.

This aerial journey across the heart of New England flies over the coastal islands and towns that welcomed the passengers aboard the Mayflower, and over Boston, where the revolutionary Freedom Trail and the once ?cursed? Red Sox define the city. With its stunning shores, colonial landmarks and autumn foliage, few states can match the Commonwealth?s beauty.

As featured in THE DAKOTAS episode, this episode lets viewers take in the soaring views above a state that inspired future president Teddy Roosevelt, launched the country's first millionaire, and kept a dark, rich secret under its expansive prairies for centuries. See the Roughrider State's grand beauty, its booms and busts, from fur trade explosions to the thousands of oil wells that dot the land and house flaming vents that are visible from space.

This flight over the Sooner State whisks you over the home of famous "Okies" Will Rogers, Brad Pitt, and Geronimo, where native cultures have flourished for thousands of years and where countless hopeful settlers arrived for a shot at the American Dream.

Get ready for a Rocky Mountain adventure over the state that boasts some of the highest peaks, tallest sand dunes and largest single-site brewery in America. It also includes incredible peeks at Red Rocks, Aspen slopes and the Broncos' Mile High Stadium.

6:00 pm ET/PT: WYOMING
Soar over Wyoming and explore the fertile landscapes that first lured men like Jim Bridger out West in search of furs and game. Then visit THE COWBOY State's famous towns and landmarks, from Jackson Hole to the Teton Mountains, and from the Sheridan Rodeo to the Continental Divide.

Travel across a diverse and rugged landscape into the realm of pirates, the source of myths and the heart of American democracy, which was the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents and the legend of Pocahontas, as well as the site of Williamsburg.

Trek from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Grand Ole Opry, from Elvis Presley's GRACELAND Mansion to a legendary whiskey distillery, Tennessee tells the story of America's expansion west and all the celebration and sadness that came with it. Soar high above the Volunteer State, journeying over the majestic Appalachian Mountains and the mighty Mississippi River, to see its rugged and inviting natural beauty.

9:00 pm ET/PT: TEXAS
To capture Texas, you need to go big, and this aerial exploration spans thousands of square miles to reveal the great sites of the Lone Star State. Witness its lush forests, forbidding deserts, and shimmering modern cities, as well as high-altitude views of landmarks that reveal a rich, complex past where bloody battles for independence began and where the era of American idealism ended one dark November day.

Check out the interactive map at for clips, photo slideshows and more details on each of the episodes.

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