Rock Band MY MORNING JACKET to Visit CBS Sunday Morning, 6/30

Rock Band MY MORNING JACKET to Visit CBS Sunday Morning, 6/30

Serena Altschul goes back to the Kentucky farm where the rock band My Morning Jacket formed their Signature Sound and learns they take cues from an unlikely source - "The Muppets" - in an interview for this week's CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH Charles Osgood, to be broadcast June 30, 2013 (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.


Critics have called My Morning Jacket one of the greatest live bands ever. They found their sound, band leader Jim James says, playing in silos on a farm in Louisville, Ky., where they could play as loud as possible.

"The various major studios all had their echo chambers that they're known for, so I thought, 'Well, we've got these giant silos that sound amazing. Why not use them as our chambers?'" James tells Altschul during a tour of The Farm. "It's got a beautiful sound. A dirty floor, but a beautiful sound."

That sound has earned the band great critical acclaim, and their last album, Circuital, reached the top ten on the Billboard charts.

But it's more than the silos that helped inspire the band. James admits he has been influenced by Roy Orbison's voice and "The Muppets."

"I mean, I don't, like, sit around and watch 'The Muppet Show' all day or anything," he says. "But I do feel like what they did, like, that's, like, what I ASPiRE to do. Like, that level of art where it touches the kids, it touches the grown-ups."

James says his first experience with music was watching the show. "Like, that was the first time I ever knew what music was," he tells Altschul.

Indeed, James says the band's song "Wonderful" was written with "The Muppets" in mind. "Because I wanted it to be kind of a sweet thing where you could picture a Muppet sitting there and singing it," he says.

Altschul's interview with My Morning Jacket will be broadcast June 30, 2013. CBS SUNDAY MORNING is broadcast Sundays (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network. Rand Morrison is the executive producer.