Paris Opera Ballet's LA SOURCE to Broadcast in Theaters, 8/26

La Source, a ballet in two acts, features choreography by Jean-Guillaume Bart and music by Leo Delibes and Ludwig Minkus. It will be shown in HD from the Paris Opera Ballet at The Palais Garnier on Sunday, August 26th, 11:00 a.m. EST. Running time is 136 minutes, plus one intermission. The broadcast was captured live at the November 4, 2011, performance.

A legendary and fantastical Persia provides the exotic backdrop for the thwarted loves of hunter Djemil, beautiful Nourreda and the water nymph Naïla. This production of La Source stars Karl Paquette, Isabelle Ciaravola, Mathias Heymann and Ludmilla Pagliero.

The production also features conductor Koen Kessels, designer Eric Ruf, costume designer Christian Lacroix and lighting designer Dominique Bruguiere.


Djemil: Karl Paquette
Nouredda: Isabelle Ciaravola
Naïla, the water nymph: Ludmila Pagliero
Zael, Naïla’s elf: Mathias Heymann
Dadjé, favorite of the Khan: Nolwenn Daniel
Mozdock, Nouredda’s brother: Vincent Chaillet
The Khan: Christophe Duquenne
Paris Opera Orchestra
The Stars, Principal Dancers and Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera Ballet

On her way to marry the Khan of Ghendjib, the beautiful Nourreda and her party stop to rest by a stream in the rocky desert. When she admires a flower, the young hunter Djemil picks it for her. In payment for the favor, she asks him what he would like as his reward. When he replies that he wants her to lift her veil so he can see her face, she is furious and orders that he be tied up and left to the elements in the desert. However, the nymph Naïla, who is in love with Djemil, appears and promises to help him win Nourreda’s love.<

In the grand palace gardens the Khan’s courtiers await Nourreda’s arrival. A fanfare proclaims a visitor: Djemil, incognito, offers presents to the Khan and his soon-to-be wife. He asks Nourreda to choose any of the gifts; she selects a bejeweled flower. Djemil throws the flower to the ground, from which a spring magically gushes and Naïla emerges. She entrances the Khan with her dance and he implores her to become his wife. She agrees but only if he will dismiss Nourreda, which he does.

Freed from her betrothal to the Khan, Nourreda still rejects Djemil’s suit. He appeals to Naïla for help. She says she will help him get Nourreda, but that if she does she, Naïla, will die. Despite the fact it will cost Naïla her life, Djemil says he wants Nourreda. When Djemil and Nourreda depart, as lovers, Naïla disappears back into the earth and the spring dries up.

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