NBC Expands Distribution of The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase

NBC Expands Distribution of The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase

Since its premiere on NBC's digital channel NY NonStop in January 2010, "The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase" has rapidly achieved widespread success. Now available in the 9 biggest US TV markets, the show's ascendancy demonstrates not only the quality of the programming, production and concept but also the confidence and excitement host and curator Jimmy Lloyd has inspired in NBC. The show is featured on NBC's digital channels in NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and Miami.

The series is the creation of Lloyd and co-executive producer Ashish Naik and resembles "Inside the Actor's Studio" for up-and-coming songwriters. The program's mission is to identify the best undiscovered songwriting talent and bring it directly to a mass audience complete with high quality live performances, artist interviews and an existential monologue about songwriting. The show, which originally began in NYC was introduced by NBC into 3 additional markets late last year and has recently started airing in 5 additional markets, is curated solely by Lloyd, a NYC-based singer-songwriter.

"Jimmy Lloyd totally 'gets' the truth about music - that it is the one thing which truly unites everyone around the world," says E! True Hollywood Story producer Michael Lynn. "Thanks to his dedication and passion, promising singer-songwriters are able to receive the attention they deserve without having to compromise their artistic integrity."

The show has continued to evolve throughout its run. In addition to continuing to grow into new markets, there are near term plans to combine the TV series with Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase-sponsored live concert events which will begin this Fall along with the inclusion of a new Title Sponsor that the producers are currently in discussions with.

Lloyd is also pitching a reality show about songwriters in NYC called "The Scene...L.E.S." (a trailer can be seen online at: thesceneles.com)

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