LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS Monologue Highlights - 6/9

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS Monologue Highlights - 6/9

Below check out "Late Night with Seth Meyers" monologue highlights from June 9th!

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton said she would make her decision on running for President "by the end of the year." Specifically, the year 1998.

In an interview over the weekend, Vladimir Putin's personal envoy said that allowing Finland to join NATO could lead to World War III. Yes, if there's one country that's definitely going to start World War III, it's Finland.

On Friday the CIA launched its official Twitter account. Which means that you could receive the terrifying email, "The CIA is now following you."

A man in Florida was arrested after he was caught wearing the swimsuit of a woman whose house had just been burglarized. Even worse for that woman, it looked better on him.

Over the weekend 3 men escaped a Canadian prison by jumping onto a helicopter that landed in the prison yard. From there it was just a short flight to The Getaway Zamboni.


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