Jennifer Lopez Talks Divorce and Motherhood in New Book, Out 10/28

Jennifer Lopez Talks Divorce and Motherhood in New Book, Out 10/28

Jennifer Lopez has had her fair share of bumps in the road, and surprisingly she isn't afraid to tell the world about them. Lopez has written diary of sorts to help others who share in struggles of love and life. The star is one of the few performers to enjoy triple threat success; not only a singer, but an accomplished dancer and actress, her singles are still at the top of the charts and her films - when she isn't too busy to do them- consistently top the box office.

Now into her 40's Jennifer has taken her success and struggles of her career and parlayed them into book form. What started as a diary while on tour will soon be public fodder for those interested in her break up from former husband Marc Anthony.

Per People, Lopez says, "It started off as a diary of the year I went on tour ... and when I was on the road, it became something else. I really surprised myself, and I realized, 'Oh my god, I'm writing this book."

In trying to give herself a new perspective, the book will also serve a good cause for charity. Part of the sales will benefit the Lopez Family Foundation, which aims to help women and children in need.

"Even to this day, I think, 'Do I put this book out there?' " she said. "I did a lot of soul searching and praying, because I don't ever want it to be mistaken for anything other than it was, which is sharing something I learned with people I could help."

Last night J-Lo was the first ever recipient of the Icon Award by Billboard Music.

The book, titled True Love, with be out October 28th this fall.

Photo Credit: Facebook/JenniferLopez