INSP Pays Tribute to BRADY BUNCH Star Ann B. Davis Today

INSP Pays Tribute to BRADY BUNCH Star Ann B. Davis Today

INSP will pay tribute to BRADY BUNCH star Ann B. Davis ("Alice"). The Brady Bunch: A Tribute to Ann B. Davis will air today, June 5th beginning at 5PM ET.

Episodes will include:

5: 00 pm
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Long-time Brady housekeeper Alice begins to feel like a third wheel in the Brady household now that there's a new Mrs. Brady to take care of family matters. The family cooks up a plot to let Alice know just how important she is.

5:30 pm
The Big Sprain
While Carol is out of town, Alice trips on a set of Chinese checkers and sprains her ankle, leaving Mike to manage the household. Feeling guilty about causing her to miss the Meat-Cutters Ball, the kids snap into action, tackling all the home chores the Brady kids' way.

6:00 pm
Alice's September Song
Alice is swept off her feet by an old flame named Mark Millard and Sam the butcher (her usual bowling date) smells a rat. With the help of Mr. Brady, he wins back his "favorite little lamb chop."

6:30 pm
Sergeant Emma
Alice's cousin Emma arrives at the Brady house to cover for Alice while she is on vacation. Emma throws the Brady kids for a loop and they quickly tire of her sergeant drills. Mike and Carol find it hard to warm up to Emma's rough personality and all wish for Alice's early return.

7:00 pm
Goodbye, Alice, Hello
When the Brady kids believe Alice can no longer be trusted, she makes an excuse to leave, and hires her own replacement. The kids soon learn that they desperately miss Alice and when they find Alice waitressing at a restaurant, they beg her to come back.

7:30 pm
The Elopement
When Marcia and Jan overhear Alice and Sam talk about eloping, they tell the rest of the family the good news. The whole family plans a surprise wedding reception for the "bride-to-be." However, the Brady's may be getting ahead of Sam and Alice.