IN FOCUS WITH MARTIN SHEEN Looks at Christian Values in America


The producers of In Focus Martin Sheen have announced an upcoming report on Christian values in America.

In Focus with Martin Sheen is an independently produced television program airing in markets around the country on public television. The show is hosted by the legendary Martin Sheen, who has appeared in more than 60 feature films in his celebrated 50 year career. Mr. Sheen is also a well known activist and philanthropist, and has become an example of how celebrities can use their place in society for positive change.

In Focus Martin Sheen PBS is talking to leaders in the Christian faith to explore how Christian values still hold a powerful influence in our society. For many Americans, Christian values have an influence over many areas of their lives. Educational, political, and entertainment choices often are driven by a deep sense of Christian tenets. The producers will be analyzing the powerful positive influences the Christian faith still has on several sectors of our society.

In Focus will have this new report ready for air later this year. For more information about the reports or to offer other ideas related to this topic, In Focus with Martin Sheen can be reached through the show’s official website at or on Facebook at