IDOL WATCH: The Complete Top 24 Revealed!


Last night, we found out fourteen of the remaining forty contestants who will be performing next week as part of the top 24. Who'll complete that list? Find out now!

Yesterday's episode left off on a cliffhanger, with the fate of Adam Brock on the line. "I love to watch a man cry," Steven Tyler tells him, "So I hate to do this - you're through!"

Jeremy Rosado, one of the younger contestants at 19, receives the same good news: "You know we watched you very vividly during Hollywood Week," Jennifer says, "It was transcendental."

Shannon Magrane, the six-foot sixteen-year-old, impressed the judges throughout the competition and her last song for them is no exception. She'll be joined in the next round by Skylar Laine, Hallie Day, Chase Likens and Aaron Marcellus.

Next to face the judges is Deandre Brackensick, who made it this far last year before being eliminated. They say third time's the charm, but the second time out is it for Deandre: "We'd be crazy, crazy people if we didn't ask you to be in the top 24!" J-Lo exclaims.

Regrettably for an emotional Jermaine Jones, it's the end of the road. The same news is expected to be delivered to two of the remaining three girls and one of the remaining two boys; Shelby Tweten, Ariel Sprague and Holly Cavanaugh face the judges together. With just one spot, it's Holly who makes it through, ending the journey for Shelby and Ariel.

David Leathers, Jr., and Eben Franckewitz are the last of the remaining boys. They're two of the youngest competitors, and it's a disappointed David who's headed home as Eben heads into the top 24.

Along with yesterday's picks, that completes this year's top 24. Check back next week - on Tuesday, as the boys sing for your votes (and another competitor returns!) and Wednesday, as the girls take the stage!


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