First Look - Eddie Huang Stars in HUANG'S WORLD; Watch Trailer

First Look - Eddie Huang Stars in HUANG'S WORLD; Watch Trailer

MUNCHIES today announces HUANG'S WORLD, featuring chef, author, and food world personality Eddie Huang. In the trailer for the show, Huang confers with Schoolboy Q, Soulja Boy, Odd Future, skater Rob Dyrdek, comedian Yassir Lester, and more about a name for his show on VICE's food channel MUNCHIES.

Watch it here:

Huang described the decision behind the name change as such:

"What up you fucking mouth breathers? I know you're sick of these $1 menu food shows and need season 3 of that "other show," but we're gonna do you one better. Or... in place of doing one better, we'll do what people always do when they say they're going to do better and do the same damn thing and call it something else. To be honest, we don't care what you call it. Just tune in and support shows hosted by human pandas like you have the last two years because we're extremely majestic and endangered i.e. big dick unicorns. Henceforth, the world's only show hosted by a human panda will be called: HUANG'S WORLD, coming soon to MUNCHIES. In the meantime, check out all the other great content on MUNCHIES. See you next season."

MUNCHIES is a website and digital video channel from Vice Media dedicated to food and its global purpose. Launched in 2014, MUNCHIES offers groundbreaking content from a youth-driven perspective. The channel chronicles the wide spectrum of the global culinary experience and the diverse voices that are pulling us forward: chefs and home cooks, Makers and consumers, the politics and policies of food, "front" and "back of house" restaurant life, old wives tales and innovative news, and culturally significant indicators in the modern food world. Through engaging original video content, compelling editorial features, articles, how-to's, recipes and events, MUNCHIES offers a signature perspective on the intersection where humans and food connect.

Eddie Huang is a chef, writer, speaker and producer based in New York City. He is widely known as the chef and owner of the popular Taiwanese restaurant Baohaus in New York City's East Village - an advocate for the young & cultured as well as experienced foodies alike.

Fresh Off The Boat is the popular moniker that shares the title with many of Eddie's widely reached projects. His ingenuous travelogue web-series has become one of Vice Media's most popular online properties, described as a "genre bending venture of subcultures through the lens of food" that features Eddie traveling the United States and abroad.