Empire Steak House NY Hosts The 1st Annual 'Green Sports' Film-Fundraiser Dinner and Sports Auction 7/19

Empire Steak House NY Hosts The 1st Annual 'Green Sports' Film-Fundraiser Dinner and Sports Auction 7/19

Empire Steak House NY Hosts The 1st Annual 'Green Sports' Film-Fundraiser Dinner and Sports Auction 7/19


New York City will be the setting for this inaugural 'Greening in Sports' event and is scheduled to take place on July 19, 2018 at the famous NY EMPIRE Steak House, located on W. 54th St. between Eighth Avenue and Broadway. Angel Light Communications in association with Dream Destinations presents, "The 1st Annual 'Green Sports' Film-Fundraiser Dinner and Sports Auction," hosted by sustainable film producer Antonio Saillant. A fundraiser for his film entitled 'Knights 58.' Saillant plans to film this in an entirely green manner, a huge activist for the environment. This is a great opportunity to dine with Saillant, known for his dedication to sustainable filmmaking. Knights "58″, currently in development and scheduled for production in 2018/2019, in Old Tappan, New Jersey and Boston, will be produced 100% sustainable.

Saillant says, "I express my vision and passion for creating energy efficiency in movies, television and sports." "[The motion picture industry is such a large user of electricity for its sound stage shooting and diesel fuel for its location filming [that it is a clear target for energy conservation and our quest to Ignite Change towards our planet]"

Knights "58″ is a movie, based on a true story, about the 1979 Old Tappan football team, entitled The Golden Knights, which tells the tale of how a losing [team] began to [turn that streak around and] sow the first seeds of promise and pride in the school and surrounding towns. "The whole turning point of the Knights was then," which my older brother Angel was on the 1979 team. "[After a very long losing streak] they started being successful and then they won states in 1985 [Cory Booker, now the US Senator from New Jersey, as the star], 2015 and this past Saturday night at Met Stadium the Golden Knights won North 1, Group 4! States Champs!
https://njersy.co/2nnu8KR and THE JOURNEY continues.

This is a great opportunity for green business and business of sports to invest some of their sports sponsorship and advertising dollars on this type of film that can have a social and/or environmental purpose. Cinema and Sports has always held a very important place in Saillant's life. He seeks inspiration in film, theatre, music, art, sports- and in watching other filmmakers create a masterpiece from just an idea but for him, why not green? Inspiration means action.

Embracing this opportunity can allow his goal to set a precedent to continue to produce high-quality productions with high standards while minimizing their impact on the environment.

In addition, to the amidst Hollywood Glam at the NY EMPIRE Steakhouse private dining room, Saillant is adding a private Sports Memorabilia silent auction. Whether your looking to expand a sports collection or shopping for a special gift, our guests will find sports memorabilia from star athletes of the past to present. The proceeds of the event will support the greening of the film, 'Knights 58' which will be the 1st sports film to be shot 100% sustainably.

To reserve your tickets or to inquire about possible sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.Knights58.com (and call 818-533-8661 or email it to us at info@Knights58.com)