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BWW Recap: THE MINDY PROJECT, The Roofie is on Fire

What happens when the best boyfriend in the world does something, well, let's call it "unexpected?" How can Jeremy and Peter continue to work together now that Jeremy has stolen Peter's girlfriend? Turns out, tonight, it all went up in flames.

Mindy is gushing over what a great boyfriend Danny is and how he just accepts her and loves her for who she is, until one night, in the dark, Danny... slips. Let's just say he tries to enter a zone where he was not previously invited. Mindy is horrified as Danny tries to assure her it was an error. Confiding in Peter, the resident pervert, Peter tells her that there is no way it was an accident. Mindy's best course of action? Get Danny to swear to God it was an accident. Danny being a good Catholic boy refuses by admitting that it's just his eyesight that is failing. After their eye doctor refutes this theory, Mindy returns to Peter for advice. He offers her a quick schooling in alternatives to offer Danny. Learning nothing appealing in Peter's lesson, she agrees to the initial "proposition" only with the help of a sedative prescribed by new Nurse Practitioner, Morgan which is actually roofies. After ending up in the hospital, she and Danny come to an understanding that they should discuss trying new things before actually trying them.

The rest of the office is choosing sides in the Jeremy vs. Peter war. And bad news for Dr. Reed, they are all "Hashtag Team Peter." Morgan, always the peacemaker, gets them both to dinner to try and work out their differences. It ends with Peter throwing water in Jeremy's face and Jeremy accidentally setting Peter's face on fire. In Mindy's hospital room, they all agree to remain civil at work but outside the office, all bets are off.

There was nothing cuter than Morgan's genuine excitement in receiving drugged Mindy's texts about how much she loved him and wanted to vacation with him. He just wants to be everybody's best friend, so why can't they remember to show up for his graduation party? I mean, he ordered three whole pizzas and a brie wheel for Dr. L. Tamra is really proving to be quite a good companion for Morgan as everyone else seems to use him and take him for granted. Not me, though, I sure do adore you, Morgan Tookers!

I do hope that the tension remains between Jeremy and Peter. (I'm also #teampeter). Their rivalry provides for much amusement and I feel as though wrapping it up too quickly would be disingenuous. And where was Beverly this week? I'm thinking she would have her own strange commentary on the office hijinks. But Danny and Mindy are still going strong as a couple and still enjoyable to watch. I do hope we see more of Tamra and Morgan's relationship. I would love an inside glance of one of their dates.

MVP - Peter for leading "Peter Prentice's Bangin' in Bed Booty Camp."

Runner Up - Morgan, sweet Morgan, so underappreciated and so desperately in love with everyone around you.

Favorite Lines:

  • Mindy - How come something as disgusting as an apple can make something as delicious as Apple Pie?

  • Peter - What's the most valuable thing in the world thing to you, the thing that you treasure above all else? Mindy - My signed photo of Kris Jenner.

  • Mindy - I will not be slut-shamed in an Ophthalmologist's office.

  • Mindy - You guys are being crazy dramatic and this is coming from the most dramatic person here. Remember when I almost jumped off that low bridge when I didn't agree with the AMERICAN IDOL results? Morgan - Clay...

  • Morgan - You guys aren't even famous enough to be in a feud. You're just two basics having a bitch-fest.

What were your thoughts? Do you enjoy the office drama as much as I do? Tweet me @eponineq and remember to follow @BWWTVWorld for all the latest updates, scoops and recaps.

Photo Credit - Isabella Vosmikova | FOX

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