BWW Recap: Peter Prentice and the Lost Boys Are On THE MINDY PROJECT

Sigh. Adam Pally, please don't leave THE MINDY PROJECT! Dr. Peter Prentice is way too fantastic a character to lose. In tonight's episode, we learned just how much growing up Peter has to do, even if it means losing his pals; Pube, Pubeless and Bush. (He's a Kennedy)

After Mindy and Peter have an outing together, Peter brings Mindy by his place. Mindy is horrified to learn that Peter is still living in a dorm style apartment with college buddies acting like it's a frat house. Since Danny owns the apartment next door, Mindy suggests Peter move in. That way, they can assist Peter in growing up. Peter thanks his new neighbors by cooking them a pot roast and helps himself to their shower, in which Danny unknowingly joins him. Mindy insists that they continue to assist him until Danny's contractor reveals to Mindy that Danny wants to bust the wall down separating the apartments to make room for family. Mindy is super psyched until she learns that by "Family," Danny meant his mother. Once evicted, Peter throws a frat style party in the apartment to Danny and Mindy's horror and ends up in the hospital after he accidentally body surfs out a window. Peter once again advises Danny that he needs to figure out what he wants to do with his future because Mindy knows exactly what she wants. And if Danny doesn't want the same, they need to have a conversation.

Jeremy's girlfriend, Lauren, leaves Jeremy in care of her baby, Henry, for a few days. Since Jeremy delivers babies for a living, he believes it will not be a problem. Morgan (correctly) foresees trouble and shows up to assist. After sleepless nights, Jeremy finally learns that when he injures himself, Henry laughs and eventually falls asleep. The frightening thing that Morgan points out is that this could be his life if Jeremy and Lauren decide to move forward in their relationship.

A couple things stuck out to me in this episode. The first, I'm SO proud of Mindy for standing her ground. She knows exactly what she wants, but she didn't give an ultimatum or take his reluctant offer, she very matter of factly stated what she wanted and Danny could basically take it or leave it. That was incredibly awesome and so very Mindy. As the great man named "Pube" said, "That's a good woman, you better hang on to her." Second, Jeremy and Lauren could be headed for trouble. Jeremy stated he just wanted a girlfriend and didn't really think about the consequences of dating a single mother. Was this worth losing all his friends for or is he willing to go the distance? Third, everyone needs a friend like Morgan Tookers. And Fourth, for the love of God, PLEASE don't leave, Adam Pally.

Lines I Love:

  • Mindy - As great as a manly guy is, sometimes you need a pinch hitter. A pal you take to the Rihanna book signing when your boyfriend calls it, "The reason China is winning."

  • Peter - I really need some help finding a new, grownup living situation. Right now, I'm a grown up living LIKE "The Situation."

  • Mindy - God, what should I do with the place when I move in? I was thinking like a Strawberry Shortcake meets Saddam's palace vibe?

  • Danny - I told you about stopping over uninvited, okay? We don't need a "Kramer." And if we needed one, Morgan's more that energy.

  • Jeremy - Thank you, Morgan. I won't pay you, but you can have all the soda you can drink. Morgan - It'll be cheaper to pay me, I just wanna say that.

No Beverly or Tamra this week, but Morgan seems to be dealing with his break up all right. It's nice to see him reaching out to Jeremy when everyone has basically abandoned him. (Also, is there any chance of a spin off of just Peter's fraternity brothers? They are truly priceless.) Mindy and Danny's relationship is still the most real I get to see these days. Yes, they are great together and yes, he adores her and how much she eats (I love him), but the fact is, she wants to get married and have kids. Danny has been married and is still visibly scarred from that. Will he be able to move past that with Mindy? Like he said to his contractor, Ray, "You gotta get over it." Side note, I think all doctors should perform Wayne's World sketches for their patients. Unless they're Dr. Peter Prentice, then they should always do their Borat "My Wi-Fi" impression.

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