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BWW Recap: Mum's the Word in RESURRECTION's Season Two Premiere


RESURRECTION fans can breath a collective sigh of relief now that the show is finally back! Just kidding, because multiple moments of Season Two's premiere episode entitled "Revelation" will have you holding your breath. Right from the get go, we can tell the lives of the Arcadians aren't getting any easier.

Tonight's episode opened with Marty lying (passed out or dead, we can't tell) on the grass where he was last seen. If you recall, when we left him last season, he was on the run outside the city trying to protect Jacob, but was intercepted by the government. Thankfully, Bellamy soon wakes up and tries to get his bearings, but can't figure out why he can't remember the last week. All he remembers is Jacob being taken from him. He then runs to Henry and Lucille's house to tell them the bad news, but is surprised to see Jacob is there completely scot-free. At this point, I let out a loud "WHAT?!?" Confused, Bellamy puts in a call to Toni, but can't get through to her and gets stuck talking to another government official who questions if she is really talking to Bellamy. Write that down,'ll need that information for later.

After experiencing heart pain, Bellamy goes to see Maggie at the hospital, who is delighted to see him and says he's completely fine (even though she only used a stethescope for about two minutes). While he's at Maggie's house, where he's crashing for the night, Bellamy gets a call from Toni who tells him to meet her in Chicago.

However, when Bellamy arrives at the bar, he discovers one of the women (the one and only Donna Murphy) involved with his interogation that he vaguely remembers. Toni later admits to Marty that he was set up, and she no longer wishes to help him out. Thanks for nothing, Toni!

Near the end of the episode, Marty finds the woman from the bar sitting in the dark in his apartment. She offers him a job spying on the Returned for the government, which he scoffs at with disgust. Before she leaves, she subtly drops an enormous plot twist by saying, "You can refuse. We'll just put you with the rest of them." Um what, Donna Murphy?! Yep, you guessed it folks, Bellamy has come back from the dead! Through another one of Bellamy's flashbacks we find out that as he tried wrestling a cop for his gun, he go shot - which explains the pain's he's been having, as well as his inability to remember the last week.

As for Henry, surprise number two arrives. Margaret, he and Fred's long departed mother, has returned! The scene where Henry discovers his mother in the garden was so brilliantly acted by Michelle Fairley and Kurtwood Smith that I couldn't even blink. While Henry welcomes his mother back with open arms, Fred, who has been drinking quite a bit lately, has a different reaction. Refusing to believe it's actually his mother, Fred hangs up on Henry when he calls him to give him the good news. It isn't until he gets a surprise visit from Mommy (seconds before he commits suicide), that he accepts the woman as his actual mother. The reunion between Fred and his mother, results in Fred breaking down with her consoling him. This emotional scene redeems Fred from drunkenly trying to kiss Elaine in an earlier scene.

Another minor plotline follows Pastor Tom and Rachael getting a sonogram done by Maggie. After telling them they are having a boy, Maggie urges them to see a real OBY-GN, which Rachael refuses to do, due to her being one of the Returned.

Season Two of RESURRECTION started off powerfully with tons of emotion and plot twists. While it was a truly engaging episode, it only provides more questions for which we don't have answers yet! Will things change for Bellamy now that he's one of the Returned? Where is the government keeping the rest of the Returned? Who can Agent Bellamy trust? Keep watching Season Two of RESURRECTION to find out!

Phot Credit: Guy D'Alema | ABC

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