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BWW Recap: It's a CONSTANTINE Revival with 'Blessed Are The Damned'

Pictured: Matt Ryan as John Constantine
(Photo by: Annette Brown/NBC)

Comic book's favorite mystical anti-hero takes on a faith-healer on this week's ep, "Blessed are the Damned." Sit a spell, won't you?

We open on Briarwood Assembly of God somewhere in Kentucky. Pastor Zachary (Patrick Carroll) is a Pentecostal snake handler fighting with his sister. She wants him to use the copperheads that have been devenomized. He wants to use the rattlesnake he has just caught just like their daddy did.

Mid-sermon, the rattlesnake strikes and the good preacher collapses only to seemingly be resurrected. A one legged man from the congregation approaches. The preacher touches him and his missing limb returns. Magic always has consequences and I'm guessing this won't end well.

In art class, Zed (Angelica Celaya) is in the process of sketching the nude male model (seriously? I would have throught her previous drawings earlier this season would have gotten her out of basic anatomy --unless she is there because of the nudity, but I digress). She looks down from her sketch pad and there are several snakes coiled around her legs. She screams. The male model named Eddie (TV soap star David A. Gregory) flirts with her. Anybody who has ever taken an art class nows that the students and models are never permitted to speak (let alone ask each other to coffee or dinner), but TELEVISON. I'm creeped out. She still agrees to meet him for dinner.

She rushes back to tell John (Matt Ryan) about her vision. He isn't surprised. He tells her about the preacher in Kentucky who overnight developed the abilities to heal. John explains this is a Chas-free episode (he's hanging with his daughter). Boo! No Charles Halford this week.

The pair arrive at the church mid-sermon. Both are skeptical, thought they witness the preacher make the blind see, the lame not so lame, you get the drift. The preacher beings to speak in tongues and John immediately recognizes it for what it really is: the language of the angels. John reiterates that kind of power always comes with a price.

In a doctor's office, the first man to be healed is having the reflexes on his new limb checked. He complains that it's hot in the office. His eyes turn red and he slaughters the doctor and then later, a cop.

Back at the post-service barbecue, Zed explains that when she touched the preacher she felt what he felt at the moment of his death. John reluctantly eats an ear of corn, deciding that he likes it (moments like this make me love Matt Ryan's acting). He takes Zed to a lake of dead fish. He calls for Manny. Manny ignores him. He casts a summoning spell. Manny (Harold Perrineau) appears, but is cryptic as ever.

John has Zed hum the hymn from church earlier. They hear a woman's voice echoing it in the distance. They follow up to find a woman covered in leaves. She rises and unfolds her winds. She is the angel Imogen (Megan West). She was taking the preacher to heaven when he plucked one of her wings. Manny reappears and explains that a human has never been able to remove a feather before and Imogen will not last long on the mortal plane. John casts a protection spell to shield Imogen.

The preacher and his sister argue after the police show up looking for the first man that was healed (now a suspect in two murders). The wife coughs into her handkerchief. It's bloody. He offers to heal her. She declines.

John confronts the preacher about the angel feather and warns of the cost. John tries to grab the feather and is thrown across the room.

Zed meanwhile is attached outside by the crazy first guy. John arrives to kill him. He recognizes the beast inside the man. It's a ghoul. Manny tells John he has to hurry. Imogen is dying. They send Zed to to be baptized by the preacher. She grabs the feather from him. Other ghouls are there trying to lay claim to it, though.

John and the preacher hold up in the church. Zed runs to the barn to give Imogen her feather back. The preacher confesses to killing a man years ago (a mortal sin). John realizes that Imogen is actually a demon. Imogen rises as Zed returns the feather. Her white wings turn black. Everyone --including the angel Manny--has been played.

Fortunately for John, his protection spell to keep evil out is also keeping evil in. Imogen strangles Zed as John pleads with Manny to pick a side and intercede. Manny temporarily posesses Zed and rips out Imogen's heart.

Final moment: Eddie phones Zed (she's stood him up). She apologies and reschedules. In the car with Eddie is a mysterious man. Eddie tells the man "not tonight. He replies "soon, then." And as the plot thickens, we close the spellbook. Let us know what you thought about tonight's ep.

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