BWW Recap: A GRIMM Look at the Legend of the 'Chupacabra'

In the final episode of 2014, it looks like that event we're all waiting for just might happen - will Wu find out the truth tonight?

We open in the Dominican Republic, where we find a couple of doctors working together in what appears to be a Doctors without Borders type of program. As they finish tending to a patient they discuss how excited they are to return home, and how they won't miss the mosquitos. One of the men, Diego, is happy to reunite with his wife when they return to Portland. He's exhausted, but wakes up in the night sweating and ill. He makes his way outside and begins growing hair and claws, so you know where this is going. A dog sniffs him out and Diego the Creature takes care of him - and his owner - in short order.

Diego wakes up covered in blood and confused about it, as you do. Wu fills Nick and Hank in on the body that was discovered with its neck torn open and its blood drained. They speak to the man who found the body and miss Diego walking past, bloody shirt and all. However, the man is from Ecuador and tells them only el chupacabra kills that way. While they process that helpful info Diego finds his way home and his wife is very upset that he disappeared without telling her.

With a direction established, Nick and Hank look up more information on el chupacabra, which apparently loosely translates to "goat sucker." They decide to ask for Juliette's help, seeing as it's Spanish-related. Juliette, meanwhile, tells Rosalee she isn't pregnant - so there's our answer, if that really is the final answer. Rosalee suggests she have an MRI as the nausea and headaches are still present. Juliette promises to take better care of herself and leaves to meet Nick, and just after she goes Rosalee makes the mistake of answering the phone. She discovers a dead animal hanging outside, as the man on the phone said she would, and is told that the caller believes her marriage is an abomination - and that her blood will be next. Monroe comes running and is, naturally, beyond angry.

At the station, Wu brings a variety of files to Sean's attention, questioning why Nick and Hank are able to solve such crazy cases with no apparent logic. WHY INDEED, WU. I feel so bad for Wu every week - he knows something is happening, but everyone pushes him aside and lets him believe he's crazy. I really hope they tell him tonight. Anyway, Sean tries to brush Wu off when he gets a call, and when he answers he agrees to meet with a member of the resistance. The meeting is short, but they discuss the need to find the child and the possible leak in the resistance.

Diego takes his temperature at work and sees he has a fairly high fever. He questions the other doctor he was with in the Dominican Republic but he's not having the same problems Diego is. Since, you know, blacking out and waking up with a mouthful of throat isn't as common as one might think. Diego begins to transform again, this time in his office, and stumbles out to the parking garage. His colleague is concerned about the mess he left behind and goes looking for him, which, of course, is a bad move. He then goes after a woman who had the misfortune of driving by just in time to witness Diego's dinner, but runs off before the police arrive.

At the trailer, Juliette tells Nick and Hank her grandmother talked about el chupacabra all the time - seems to be a legend that was used fairly widely to scare children. She translates some text for them and they learn about the Woeldreor, which appear to be a sort of Wesen that has contracted a disease and becomes stuck, and also appear to be the original chupacabra. Could Diego be a Woeldreor due to the mosquitos he was so fond of on his trip?

Nick gets a call from Monroe about the incident with Rosalee and he and Hank hurry over to investigate. After attempting to calm Monroe, they take a call from Wu about the parking garage attack. The colleague survived and described Diego's mutated form with accuracy. When Hank and Nick see him in the hospital he tells them Diego was sick, but that he doesn't believe the creature was Diego.

Speaking of Diego, we next see him lurking in the shadows until a woman passes, and she barely makes it inside before he tries to attack. Her family comes to her aid, realizing immediately that they are dealing with el chupacabra. Wu and another officer patrol the area and they both catch a glimpse of Diego as he darts by. Wu chases him on foot but when he catches him he's already turned back into Diego and can't remember a thing. Naturally Wu is frustrated, expecting to see a creature.

Nick and Hank go looking for Diego and speak to his wife, who turns out to be a Wesen. Wu meets them outside afterward and confronts Hank and Nick once and for all, refusing to be shoved aside, and they realize they have to tell him when he threatens to quit the force. He asks about Trubel and they tell him the truth but are soon interrupted. Diego is discovered bloody and sobbing by his wife after the detectives leave and as she calls for help, he approaches from behind. Nick, Hank, and Wu hear her screams and rush in to help, and Wu is shocked to see the creature clearly, as well as to see Nick and Hank go after it like nothing is out of the ordinary. When he can finally move again he gets the wife out of the room but goes back to shoot the monster. Nick stops him and tells him what he saw was real. Finally! But before more information can be given, Wu leaves and Hank follows but not in time to catch him. Nick calls Monroe for help and they head to the spice shop, but not before Juliette has another episode and elects to stay home.

Rosalee mixes a concoction but they only have enough for one dose, and as the wife begins to convulse they realize she is a chupacabra too. Now what? She goes after Nick and they manage to restrain her. While trying to decide which of the two should get the only antidote, Diego takes the syringe and saves his wife, then tells them to kill him. Sadly, they must, and he tells his wife he loves her as he passes. All in all a very poignant scene.

Wu goes out drinking and has a few flashbacks about things he's seen, then hallucinates and totally freaks out. He's arrested and looks very sad in his holding cell. Why, oh why did he have to run away? I certainly hope Nick and Hank don't change their mind about telling him. It is seriously the most humane thing to do for the poor guy at this point.

Back at the Monrosalee household, Nick and Hank assure the couple that they will continue to work on their case while they enjoy their honeymoon. Police stake out the house and they begin get ready for bed, but decide to make a snack for the cop. He can't eat it, though, because IT'S A TRAP! Monroe is caught off guard when he takes it outside and they knock him out. Things are about to get very real there.

And we got just a hint of Adalind this week. Victor learns that Nick's mother is "officially" dead, though dental records were unable to be obtained, and Adalind verifies she did indeed meet Kelly and claims to trust Victor. They pointedly say the last time she was seen was in Portland, which can only mean they'll be paying Nick a visit before long. Stands to reason, as they've apparently just been standing in the same room in Victor's castle while Nick's been doing interesting stuff, like becoming a Grimm again and feeding fruitcake to baby Wesen.

Speaking of things getting real - the last scene tonight was fantastic. At home, Juliette experiences yet another headache, and then - and I really didn't see it coming - she turns Hexenbiest!

When GRIMM returns in 2015 we're going to see Nick go rogue, it appears. He's got to save Monroe and possibly Rosalee, and how will he react to Juliette's new look? Are the royals on their way to Portland? Will Trubel be back? Will they just tell all to Wu already? Happy holidays, dear readers - I'll see you next month for more GRIMM. In the meantime, comment below or on Twitter at @GoddessTiff with your thoughts, and don't forget to follow @BWWTVWorld while you're there to stay up to date on your favorite shows. I leave you with Rosalee as we take a look at Bree Turner's thoughts on the season.

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