Award-Winning Documentary BREAKING THROUGH Coming to DVD, VOD, Today

Award-Winning Documentary BREAKING THROUGH Coming to DVD, VOD, Today

Breaking Glass Pictures and QC Cinema are proud to present the award-winning documentary Breaking Through on DVD and cable and Internet VOD today, June 3rd. As the United States moves ever closer to equality for all its citizens, filmmakers Cindy L. Abel and Michael Bruno took their camera to the elected men and women in DC and across the nation who have played a key role in advancing progress.

In Breaking Through, openly LGBT elected officials at all levels - including the first gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin - share their stories of self- doubt and triumph over multiple barriers ranging from race and poverty to gender and sexual orientation, revealing a deeply personal, rarely-seen side of politicians and gay people.

Though featuring politicians, it isn't about politics: it's about people who feel fear and shame, yearning to live meaningful lives. They reveal how they broke through barriers internally - daring to believe something different than what they were told - and externally to achieve the future they envisioned. By showing that "anything is possible," they impact people from all walks of life.

Hailed by the press as "inspiring and at times heart-wrenching (OutSmart Magazine)" and "a rich, fast-paced, spellbinding film (The Huffington Post)", Breaking Through has been a hit at festivals nationwide, including Philadelphia QFest, Sidewalk, Little Rock, San Diego, Oxford, Out on Film and the Miami Gay and Lesbian film festivals. Breaking Through was awarded a Remi at WorldFest Houston and the Audience Award at QFest Ft Worth, and was a jury award finalist at Moondance Film Festival.

Breaking Through (Official Trailer)

"We made Breaking Through to encourage people who are wondering if their life is worth living," said director Cindy L. Abel, "and now it is accessible to all those wanting to see real-life examples of overcoming obstacles and living authentic, fulfilled lives. I'm thrilled these surprisingly vulnerable, deeply personal stories will be shared with a national audience."

The Special Edition DVD of Breaking Through (SRP $19.99) will include an extended director's cut of the feature, the festival cut, a music video and a featurette on the filmmakers' journey.