Aditya Pamnani's 'Drive' Is An On-Road 23 Minute Conversational And Psychological Thriller Film

Aditya Pamnani's 'Drive' Is An On-Road 23 Minute Conversational And Psychological Thriller Film

Aditya Pamnani's 'Drive' Is An On-Road 23 Minute Conversational And Psychological Thriller FilmA witty exchange of ideas and personal stories as a means to connect with one another; conversations can lead one to self-reflect and change the way they think, or in many cases, even affect the life choices they make! This is the premise of the short film DRIVE, which was previewed in Hyderabad on Friday evening at Annapurna Preview Theatre. The short film highlights the vital themes of regrets of modern day relationships, the loss of human values and the role that time plays in human lives, 'DRIVE' takes you on an internal journey of self-realization. It is currently streaming on YouTube. Watch it below:

DRIVE is an independent production, written, directed and acted by Hyderabad based Aditya Pamnani. Coming from a filmmaker whose work is influenced by the masters of thrillers namely Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch and David Fincher from Hollywood, the entire movie takes place within a moving car on an isolated road.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his short film DRIVE, Aditya says "As a movie buff, I was really inspired by Tom Hardy's Locke; the entire film takes place in the car, and Tom is the only character we see throughout the film, he is talking to various people over the phone, and we just get to hear the voices of the other people through the Bluetooth in the car. The film is about 90 minutes or so and this one really blew my mind!! It is a well-made film and I wanted to make something in that style."

With this inspiration, I sat down to write the script of DRIVE and I came up with certain ideas which could work - at that time I wanted to work on the subject of relationships and what they mean to today's youth - how the current attitude between couples are "If you come, good. If you don't come, I move on", you know. We are not satisfied with what we have, we constantly want something more. Hence, I wanted to write something along these lines. And the character of Tarun is so common to find these days", adds Aditya.

The significance of conversations is well depicted in this 23-minute short film DRIVE. Well-seated in the genre of an On-road Conversational and Psychological thriller, DRIVE is the story of two strangers whose lives intersect on a quiet night as they end up going on a long drive.

Speaking about the making of the film Adiya says Technically shooting in a moving car with proper lighting was a huge challenge for the Crew of DRIVE which also did not settle for easy solutions such as shooting against the Green Mat for the sake of authentic quality. In fact, the entire script was shot thrice, each time from a different angle. The cast had rehearsed for at least 3 months before getting the equipment out which allowed them to give their best. The film has been shot using a Sony A7s. The dialogues in the film were recorded in sync sound which highly adds to the authenticity factor. On top of the impeccably shot ground shots, the audience will also get to appreciate a well-done drone shot.

The crew which came together and made DRIVE includes Vamsi Chelamkuri as the Cinematographer and Vijai Karan Singh as the Music Director. Vijay is a childhood friend of Aditya's; both Vijay and Vamsi have played a crucial role in the successful completion of the project with their unwavering support and valuable creative inputs. Rahul Bhupat is the Editor of DRIVE. The background score was composed by London based Chris Savor and Roy Kleiner from Israel as the Music Composers along with Dimitry Vocirus and Remy.

The Director hopes the audience will find the time to watch DRIVE and will enjoy his presentation too. "I hope people watch it, like it and share it".

The short film is available for public and later in various broadcasting avenues. Aditya is also planning to take this movie to different international film festival.