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The Happy Fits Releases New Single 'Hold Me Down'

The song is due out August 28.

The Happy Fits Releases New Single 'Hold Me Down'

The Happy Fits released "Hold Me Down" today, the raucous fourth single from the New Jersey trio's upcoming sophomore LP, What Could Be Better, due out August 28 via The Orchard. The track features all three of The Happy Fits, cellist Calvin Langman, guitarist Ross Monteith and drummer Luke Davis tackling lead vocals. Pre-order What Could Be Better here.

Discussing the single, Calvin states, "'Hold Me Down' was the first song demoed for the new record back and is probably the most contrived song I've ever written. I was really into fellow NJ rockers and friends Sonic Blume at the time, so I wanted to write a song using their signature surf-rock beat as the foundation. It felt fitting to write a classic-sounding riff that would lead into a giant, Killers-eque, scream-it-on-top-of-a-mountain chorus. When it came to writing lyrics, I wanted to write about my tendency to go into a creative/introspective daze when I'm around my girlfriend rather than being present with her. I have a very active brain (sometimes too active) and I love how she brings me back down to reality whenever my head goes too far in the clouds."

Luke adds, "I'll always remember Ross recording the baritone guitar for this song. It brought out a tone for the song that really made it feel complete. Including us having our own singing parts. I think this song best portrays the transition of our sound throughout all our projects."

The Happy Fits started as a casual summer project for longtime friends Calvin, Ross and drummer Luke before starting college. After their debut EP took off on Spotify during their first semester, they dropped out to record their 2018 full-length Concentrate. The band brought their joyous live shows across the country on multiple headlining tours, as well as supporting acts like This Wild Life and the Frights. And even now, with the shutdown, they're regularly livestreaming performances, maintaining the camaraderie that's earned them a particularly engaged fanbase.

The band's upbeat nature comes from a desire to connect with a world that's sometimes distant. What Could Be Better's title track was inspired by Calvin's isolation as one of the few Asian-Americans in his hometown. As the band's stages get bigger, he knows he's becoming the role model he didn't have, saying, "It feels really good to be someone that Filipino kids growing up in America could look up to."

"What Could Be Better is a collection of songs written from the time I dropped out of school in 2017 to where I am now in early 2020," Calvin continues. "It explores my trials and tribulations transitioning from being an obedient, structured student in school to becoming an independent, young adult. I documented the new stresses and responsibilities I faced in my daily life as the veil of my sheltered upbringing was lifted."

In a time where positivity is hard to come by, What Could Be Better, breaks through as a ray of sunshine; a mission statement that's meant to be shared.

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