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Singer Songwriter Yuzima Releases 'Pop-Up' Album BASH

Today, NYC singer-songwriter 'indie luminary' YUZIMA is releasing what blogs have referred to as a "pop-up album", BASH {Insta-Album}. The follow-up to last years critically acclaimed The Machine, Yuzima has described an insta-album as three songs with a theme. A way to have ideas, events and inspiration become a fluid process, not staid like the conventional modes of releasing music. The insta-album allows artists to tackle things right as they come up and not let them sit around.

"I had so many things that were coming up that I wanted to talk about," says Yuzima. And Yuzima addresses a number of these on the release from homophobia to voodoo and mysticism - starting with "BASH" the lead off track. With lyrics like "we are different yet the same, straight and we are gay," YUZIMA boldly makes a political statement at a time when musicians avoid politics like the flu. Over syncopated drums and metallic guitars, Yuzima updates punk rock for 2014 millennials. On "Madame Laveau" YUZIMA channels a grand excursion he took to New Orleans into a pop attack. Yuzima talks about his trip to the city more like a religious experience then a vacation. As he tells it, "When the plane dropped it was a dead downpour like straight out of a voodoo movie", "When we arrived I felt the spirits - they still dwell there". Yuzima wandered the French Quarter until he happened on Marie Laveau's Voodoo Shop, someone he never heard of. He claims that something changed him in that shop. "I knew when I came back to New York, I could be a little freer". Yuzima also learned to second line (jazz band march) and took in the slave history of the city. The song splices parts of progressive rock, reggae and pop to tell the story of the Voodoo queen who extorted the servants of her rich clients for information.

Last song is the experimental ethereal "Light Love". "I wanted to create music from the source," says Yuzima. Yuzima really puts the voodoo in the final song building a mix of sound - to a final release similar to his much blogged about 2012 release "Sound Opera-Project One". Although one of the reasons YUZIMA crafted the insta-album format was to deal with short attention spans, the main reason is to "get stuff out and have it still be art", "If I have an idea I can put it out soon to when I had it so it's not siting for a half year," says Yuzima.

In advance, much like THE MACHINE, BASH {Insta-Album} has received rave reviews from blogs across the web like Music Historian, The Modern Folk Music of America and others. The song is available via multiple links including Bandcamp, Dropbox; the single on Soundcloud and the video on Youtube.

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