Saint Ahmad Releases 'MINDS' EP

The debut EP MINDS explores the journey of a queer NYC genre-fluid artist.

By: Dec. 08, 2023
Saint Ahmad Releases 'MINDS' EP

Listen to the debut EP MINDS from NYC based, LGBTQ+ artist and club  icon Saint Ahmad. 

The EP features five tracks that masterfully blend high-energy rhythms and introspective lyrics as Saint Ahmad explores the various states of mind he's experienced being a Black Gay man and club kid, in full evolution from the struggles of his past. 

You'll find your pulse racing on the dance floor with the eclectic vibrant party anthem "lgc," which includes a guest appearance by Lolita Leopard, and then transcending through space and time on "MINDS," a track inspired by queer revolutionaries RuPaul and Leigh Bowery.

Saint Ahmad is an unapologetic artist who has forged his own path toward self-love through music. MINDS is his way of sharing that journey with the world. Focus track "vibe" is a buzzingly euphoric affirmation that encourages listeners to feel themselves. 

Saint Ahmad admits, "The EP details shame, empowerment, self-love, growth, and queer freedom. Each track reveals a different part of me." Brazenly original both in sonic matter and lyrical content, MINDS is a riveting journey through Saint Ahmad's psyche. 

Saint Ahmad is a Brooklyn-based rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter. Radiating authenticity and an unapologetic sense of personal freedom, Saint Ahmad's sound is not confined to just one particular genre.

With a musical style that incorporates UK club, Jersey Club, pop, R&B, and throwback hip-hop, Ahmad is a versatile artist who can truly do it all. Ahmad radiates natural charisma and infectious energy, while busting out dance moves and flashing his signature big smile while commanding the spotlight. A hopeless romantic and an out-and-proud gay man, his music is confidently built around themes of personal empowerment, wild nights, love, and sex, where he explores the out-of- this-world fantasies that ruminate in his head.

Born in Tashikawahi-shi, Tokyo, Japan, Ahmad first discovered his love for singing and performing while at church and holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University. Music for him has always been his chosen medium of self-expression, inspiration, and self-healing.

The songwriter began releasing music in 2021 with alt hip hop singles “It's Just Me” and “Clouds”, earning him significant media acclaim by way of his fluid approach to music, avant-garde aesthetics, and top-notch choreography.

Now in 2023, Saint Ahmad has evolved into his most raw and baddest self yet, creating a musical vortex of rich imagination filled with unhinged sounds, kaleidoscopic visuals, and messages of self-empowerment that culminate into a provocative dance playground.
Saint Ahmad's recent single “lgc” features celebrated NYC artist Lolita Leopard aka “The Leopard Lady.”

The invigorating club track captures the essence of a fierce, feminine confidence. Inspired by decadent club nights, hedonistic after hour parties, freedom of expression, and letting go both physically and metaphorically, “lgc” is the ultimate bad bitch self-love anthem.

The song features a striking beat by Glasgow DJ and producer CASEMENT, with an energetic UK club sound and an addictive pop hook. Insanely high intensity BPMs collide with in-your-face hyperpop vocals and pulsating bass, defying sonic realms and lulling the listener to an otherworldly space. 

The accompanying music video directed by Jonathan Fine captures Saint Ahmad's extravagant and wildly captivating stage presence, while expressing a different side of the performer.

He confides, “I knew that I wanted the video to take place in a club setting because that was the entire vibe of this record. The idea of being drag came because I wanted to feel outside of myself. I want to actually step into the idea of getting crazy and releasing a different part of myself.”

With ingenious choreography and a larger-than-life personality, Saint Ahmad has managed to bring the best club night of your life onto your video screen.

His latest single "MINDS" is a powerful tribute to his journey through the New York Club demographic. It chronicles how Saint Ahmad has overcome expectations, self-doubt, and hardship through finding community amongst his friends with the NYC club space at the core of his narrative. It is an electric, dopamine-inducing club anthem set to inspire the next generation of club kids. 

Saint Ahmad is a magnetic creative force, using his music to inspire others to live freely and authentically. His debut EP MINDS features his two recent singles "lgc" ft. Lolita Leopard and "MINDS" along with his new tracks "skin", "Power", and "vibe". 

Photo Credit: Ben Cabral