Natalie Claro Releases New Single 'Reasons I Can't Sleep'

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By: May. 18, 2024
Natalie Claro Releases New Single 'Reasons I Can't Sleep'
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Natalie Claro, LA-based artist, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has released "Reasons I Can't Sleep" via Cage Riot Music Group. This song has raw emotion and cinematic brilliance! Its angsty vibe resonates deep within, capturing the restless souls trapped in the throes of an overactive mind, unable to surrender to slumber's embrace. This haunting melody is a siren's call, beckoning you to embrace solitude, to lie awake in the stillness of the night, lost in the depths of your thoughts as you gaze upon the vast expanse of the ceiling above. With echoes of Evanescence and Paramore woven into its fabric, this song is a transcendent experience for those who crave emotional depth in their music. It's a sonic journey that will leave you breathless, your heart pounding with the intensity of every note, every lyric a testament to the power of artistic expression.

Claro says, "I wasn't raised with religion; my family offered me freedom to choose my own spirituality."

She continues, "In pursuit of answers, I'd think, 'if god loves me, why won't he let me sleep?' While heartbroken, I'd ask, 'If someone loves me, how could they hurt me so badly?' I almost found more consolation in the idea of not being loved at all. I just needed an explanation for why I was suffering from insomnia for so many years. I thought it ironic that when we're deeply hurting and crave sleep, suddenly, our minds won't shut up and let us rest. With a goal to fix the pain, I ended up healing myself in so many other ways. Whether or not the universe has the power to love you, either way, you can love and heal yourself."

Claro's songs delve into personal and introspective themes, delivering emotional depth and a distinctive sound. Her work, which tackles intense topics like politics, existential crisis, mental health, and confidence, is a testament to the power of her artistic expression. Renowned for her commanding vocals and dynamic stage presence, she has accomplished remarkable feats like being invited to Spotify's Noteable Studios and participating in Hollister's High School Nation Tour. Additionally, she has toured and performed with acts like Plain White T's, HalfNoise, Hunny, Almost Monday, Hawthorne Heights, and Grizfolk and showcased her talent at events such as SXSW, Sony's Balcony TV, and The Knitting Factory's Women That Rock Festival.

Since her debut, Claro has continued to evolve her music and career. She has released 11 more projects, each showcasing her growth and versatility. Her participation in various projects and collaborations, including her last release recorded at Spotify's Studio in LA, is a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft.

Listen to Reasons I Can't Sleep on your favorite streaming platform


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