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NYC Poet Jane LeCroy Shares New Single 'Fallen Creature'

NYC Poet Jane LeCroy Shares New Single 'Fallen Creature'

If you have followed the poetry scene in New York City over the last 20 years you already know Jane LeCroy and she's been adapting her poems into song for just as long. She debuted her band The Icebergs with the album Eldorado in 2017 and is starting to roll new music this fall with a series of singles and shows in New York.

The new single, Fallen Creature is a brisk poppy waltz with lyrics that opine on the myth of Persephone. Driving pizzacato cellos and haunting vocals make this track a great introduction to the Iceberg's sound.

Jane is a facinating artist and revolutionary thinker so I encourage interviews and features.

Feel free to share the track wide today and hit me up if you want to set something up!

"Fallen Creature" speaks to the myth of Persephone, who was abducted by Hades and became queen of the underworld, goddess of vegetation/nature. It is her voice in this song. Persephone embodies the conflicting desires humans exhibit balancing passion and duty, bound to live in both the dark and the light. Descartes claimed that people have free will, and that is why we deserve praise or blame for our actions; but I don't believe we truly have free will because we are ruled by our inherent desires, which we do not choose and are at the mercy of. We are drawn to certain people and experiences whether we like it or not, just as Persephone was. Despite what our best selves may strive for, we are born with deep hunger that drives us. But to be hungry, passionate, that is what also makes us most alive. Does Persephone deserve blame or praise for her role that fate bestowed upon her? Do you deserve blame or praise for your lot in life? Are you a fallen creature too?

Words and vocals by Jane LeCroy

Cello and bass by Tom Abbs

Drums and vocals by David Rogers-Berry

Produced by David Rogers-Berry

Recorded at Birdwatcher Studios in Big Indian, NY

Jane LeCroy is a New York based poet, singer and performance artist, home-birthing mother of 3, teacher, atheist, vegetarian, hedonist. She serves the poetry gods. By day she surfs the subway lines from one borough to the next, teaching kids creative writing, and publishing their work. By night, she writes porn under a pseudonym, or you might find her seducing patrons as a feature character in The Poetry Brothel. Jane's recording career began in the early 90's with the punk label, Bloodlink Records, release of her spoken-word vinyl 7inch titled "Guilty". Since then she has made over a dozen recordings, with various projects, including the feminist poetry collective, Sister Spit; 90's major label punk outfit, Vitapup; and currently, the spontaneous music project, Ω▽ (Ohmslice) with Bradford Reed. Jane was also part of the a capella hip-hop orchestra, Nu-Voices, conducted by beatrhymer Kid Lucky. Three Rooms Press published, "Signature Play" a multimedia collection of her lyric poems. Her writing is in the Smithsonian, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Poets House, Yale Library, and you can find her DNA in the Library of Congress, where her hair binds one of her poetry books collected by the institution.

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