Mysterious Scandi-Pop Duo Teenager Forever SELL OUT On New Single/Video

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Mysterious Scandi-Pop Duo Teenager Forever SELL OUT On New Single/Video

Futurist bubblegum Scando-Pop duo, Teenager Forever, writes shiny, plastic songs to accompany an internet based lifestyle. Influenced by Euro-pop legends such as Nena and Aqua, as well as modern pop icons such as Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, Teenager Forever invites you to disconnect from reality and join their online movement. After bringing the world their debut single and video "#FAKE" last month, the mysterious duo are back today with their new video for "Sell Out," premiered today via Flaunt Magazine. Regarding the song, Teenager Forever have the following to say, "We are all products, make sure you sell yourself to the highest bidder." Click HERE to watch the video for "Sell Out." Listen to "Sell Out" on DSPsHERE now.

Sell Out:

The idea of being a sell out has become outdated. The struggle between the powers of art and money has a long and violent history, but the walls are have finally been torn down.

Selling yourself is now an art in itself. Branding your identity is now as natural as breathing air. Let's move forward, and not fall back into the prison of a yesterday's anxieties.

We are all invited to the party of consumer delights, so the choice is either to join in or submit to irrelevance. What do you choose?

Watch the video here:

Teenager Forever is Hans and Anna, who first met while at high school in Århus, Denmark. They became fascinated with the idea of online identity, and the freedom that came from escaping reality. They wanted to create a space where they could celebrate the ideas of eternal youth and consumer culture. Hans and Anna taught themselves Ableton Live by watching Youtube tutorials, and started writing songs and making videos together. After posting early demos on Soundcloud, they were discovered by L.A. based entertainment company, Shoplift Productions, founded by music producer Bram Inscore (Troye Sivan, Hayley Kiyoko) and filmmaker Lin Agnholt (Vice, XL recordings) who helped them perfect their sound and image. They are releasing their debut E.P. in 2019.

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