Matt Lovell Changes Release Date for Debut LP NOBODY CRIES TODAY

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Matt Lovell Changes Release Date for Debut LP NOBODY CRIES TODAY

The release date for Nobody Cries Today, the debut LP from Nashville-based singer/songwriter/survivor Matt Lovell, has been pushed ahead from this Friday (June 5th) to June 19th.

All but one of the album's songs were recorded in 2016 - just months before Lovell nearly lost his life. On January 20, 2017, he was shot in the chest in Nashville by a sixteen-year-old who attempted to steal his car. Miraculously, he lived. "This moment created a new center of gravity and re-ordered my understanding of everything I've experienced in this lifetime," he explains. "Many people who experience acute trauma go through somewhat of a euphoric period immediately after the incident occurs, and this was definitely my experience. The level of peace I felt was something I had never touched before. I wrote profusely, I gardened, I brought new life and vigor to my musical ventures, and I made peace with complicated friendships. More than anything, I found a level of great self-acceptance, and this created space for me to begin to learn how to live this life."

This era ended with the abrupt onset of PTSD, causing the most difficult time Lovell had ever faced. He began to question everything and struggled to find a way to articulate the horrors he was experiencing. Now, on the other side of recovery, Lovell is excited to sing these songs again for anyone who will listen. "In these years of writing and recording, I have gathered quite a wild palette of paints," he says. "In a way, Nobody Cries Today has actually been my teacher. As I have written these songs, each of them has been like a tiny rowboat to get me from one day to the next. They have witnessed me in the years that I was in the throes of trying to find acceptance for myself and for the world I'm living in. As a gay man of Southern origin, this proved to be a tall order. These songs have also helped me to explore things like zest for life, discontent, hunger, truth, and hope," he continues. "Nobody Cries Today contains every bit of earnestness, desire, and love that I have to give."

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