Maddox Lim Releases Debut Single 'Hollow Dreams'

“Hollow Dreams” is now available to stream and download on platforms worldwide.

By: Oct. 06, 2022
Maddox Lim Releases Debut Single 'Hollow Dreams'

Emerging Asian-American singer-songwriter Maddox Lim has released his debut solo single, "Hollow Dreams," a passionate pop-rock power ballad about the ups and downs of relationships in all their forms. "Hollow Dreams" is now available to stream and download on platforms worldwide.

Emotions are laid bare in "Hollow Dreams," as its powerful melodic buildup culminates in a stunning kaleidoscope of piano, drums, and guitar rhythms. It's easy for listeners to get carried away by the intensity of the song, bustling with 80s pop-rock energies paired with the freshness of Maddox Lim's vocals.

Introspective and moving, the lyrics show an extraordinary emotional maturity as they tread through the complexity of human connections. "'Hollow Dreams' is about the relationships we struggle with in our lives," comments Lim. "Whether between family members or friends, our loved ones are the ones who bring us the most joy but also the most disappointment and pain."

In captivating lines like, "Talk to me, let me feel complete," the song is a reminder of the importance of opening up and feeling listened to. Written by Maddox Lim and produced by Bernard Yagee, the track is dynamic in its rampant honesty and desire to find yourself through others. "Hollow Dreams" exemplifies an ever-growing maturity, as his vocals encompass an emotional range from hushed intimacy to soaring altitudes.

"Hollow Dreams" is a stunning debut of Maddox Lim's emerging solo project. The young singer-songwriter is previously known for his performance as lead singer and songwriter in the band Rooted, which developed the indie-rock and 80s pop-inspired sounds he brings in this new track.

Lim's dreams of spreading positivity through music are anything but hollow; instead, they now take another dimension through this powerful release. Reverberating with echoes of the music he grew up hearing -- soft rock and radio pop -- Maddox Lim conveys his artistry with irrepressible authenticity, soul-bearing vulnerability, and the shining promise of an auspicious future.

Riveting and sincere, "Hollow Dreams" paves the way for an exciting journey that will undoubtedly gift crowds with more and more reasons to keep their eyes on Maddox Lim. The song is available for streaming on digital platforms worldwide.

Listen to the new single here:


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