MUO DUO Release New Single 'Exciting Times'

Muo Duo has just released “Exciting Times,” the synth-heavy first single from their forthcoming EP, The Muo Theory.

By: Feb. 09, 2024
MUO DUO Release New Single 'Exciting Times'

Ask Miles Donnelly – one half of Muo Duo – to describe his band's music, and he'll almost certainly use the word “Afterpop,” which is also the name of their successful 2023 EP.   “It's a combination of many genres, storytelling, and unique vocal blends that we thi

nk creates a new feeling that is also somehow nostalgic at the same time,” says Miles. “What will come after pop? Afterpop - when your playlist sounds like nothing and everything that has come before it.”   This, however, begs a new question: What will come after Afterpop?   Luckily, we're about to find out.  

Muo Duo has just released “Exciting Times,” the synth-heavy first single from their forthcoming EP, The Muo Theory. The Muo Theory will be the first of three EPs the band will drop in the near future.   

"This song attempts to capture a snapshot of the culture in 2024,” shares Miles.   “The insecurity of existing and trying to make connections that feel real in the world. The struggle of getting out of your own head. Will anyone like us if we are truly ourselves?? And during all these internal struggles, everything seems like it is moving so fast around us. We're living exciting lives, whether we like it or not. We really are living in 'Exciting Times.'"  

Comprised of Miles and his younger sister Winter, Muo Duo is riding the momentum after the release of Afterpop and their 2022 EP, Tasting Menu.  The siblings have amassed a loyal following with their upbeat sonic confections that combine elements of Pop, Rock, Indie, Punk, and psychedelic Hip-Hop.  

Miles started studying composition at Juilliard in high school, where he learned all the rules so he could eventually break them. A singer, songwriter, trumpeter, producer, and award-winning film score composer, Miles (also known as Miles from Space) drew inspiration from The Beatles, Tyler The Creator, and Freddie Hubbard while worked to hone Muo Duo's signature sound.  

Winter – who is just 15 years old – has played the role of young Elsa in Disney's production of Frozen on Broadway. She has appeared on Sesame Street, in Diary of a Wimpy Kid cast album, as well as the hit Netflix series, Manifest. In addition to bringing her immense vocal talent to Muo Duo, Winter has also performed in the children's chorus at the MET Opera.  

Photo Credit: Christina Turino