La Fin Absolute Du Monde Release Final Album 'Killing The Host' Today

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Oakland's avant metal/industrial duo, La Fin Absolute Du Monde, released their debut full length studio record, "Clarity Amongst the Rubble" in late January 2016 on Wicked Wonderland Empire/Gramercy Records. The duo, Jason Myles (bass, guitar, drum programming) and his wife-collaborator Cyndy Melanio (vocals, piano, orchestration), whose name was inspired by John Carpenter's movie "Cigarette Burns", has been creating sonic soundscapes and stirring emotional content since they first met in November 2009. Since that release, Jason and Cyndy are no longer together. "We are two people who come from entirely different worlds", he says, and the lurking darkness of their music, "Comes from the struggles we've been through while in pursuit of the dream of making the most creatively heavy passionate music we can possibly make." Driven by that passion, and enthusiasm for creating adventurous music and lyrical significance, La Fin Absolute Du Monde release its final album, "Killing The Host", today, August 25th.

Written in Spring 2016, when they returned home from tour and were shocked to see that the homeless encampment across the street from where they live grew eight times larger while they were away, "Killing The Host" features thirteen socially conscious tracks, with titles such as ""The Nation That Lacks Empathy Gives Rise To It's Fascist Demise". Jason says, "We're done caring about the homeless because we wrote a status on how we shared some leftovers, or even bought a meal, or if we're lucky, we were documented doing it. That's the extent of empathy in 2017. Living across the street from the largest homeless encampment in the city of Oakland, I see these empty gestures first hand."

The title track of the album was inspired by a book by famed economist Michael Hudson, explaining how Wall Street is the parasite devouring the host. "Through our journeys through the heartland of the United States, we really saw, and understood the rise of the far right", Jason says. "Living on the coast, in what looks to be one of the more thriving economies, most people here don't really understand how the new global economy affects us as a nation. 'Deindustrialization', creating, as author Chris Hedges calls them, "Capitalism Sacrifice Zones". We just wanted to make a record to expose that, so maybe we can start to have the conversation. Being that I personally felt so passionately about this, I wanted the first and title track to hit like a car crash."

Blasting through the establishment's twisted goals with incisive lyrics and a combination of industrial electronic metal and dark ambient timbres, highlights of "Killing The Host" include the first single, "...And They Sold Their Souls". "It's pretty much about our destructive love of money and material possessions", says Jason. "The monotonous rhythm of the song simulates the banal minutia of the soul strangling 'rat race'. Keeping up with the Jones' comes at moral soul destroying price sometimes."

Another track, "Black Prophetic Fire (f/Cornell West and Chris Hedges)", "Is simply me trying to make a conversation that needs to be heard easier to listen too, featuring two of the brightest minds and most important people in America. This one in particular, about the lack of prophetic black voice in these chaotic times was a conversation that really struck a chord with me. Going in depth about something that is hard to talk about, the black elite class, which tends to look down on the black inner city population. They also more often than not turn a blind eye to the effects of mass incarceration. Our collective 'fight back' as West puts it, was replaced with 'individual upward mobility.'"

The provocative song "Pig Puker (f/a poem by Andrea Dworkin)" is about the controversial subject of sex trade. "Not 'sex work' (a term coined by a pimp), but THE SEX TRADE. Another soul stealing industry that disproportionately effects women of color. This one really hit home with Cyndy. The Dworkin poem is brilliant and these words need to be heard", Jason says.

Having developed a reputation for the combination of elegantly layered guitars, samples, and Chicky's gripping sultry vocals, prior to 2016's debut full length record, "Clarity Amongst The Rubble", La Fin Absolute Du Monde have released several EPs and 7"s: 2010's "She's Gotta Be A Pirate/Black Sheep" (Foolscircle Records UK); 2011's "Debut de la fin; La Genese" (Foolscircle Records UK), 2012's "Au Revior (Self Released); 2013's "Descend" (Foolscircle Records UK); and 2014's "Black Sheep:REMIXED" (Self Released, Neo-Noir Records), featuring a reworking of the title track by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu). The duo also traveled relentlessly throughout the US, UK, and parts of Canada and Mexico (including shows in Juarez, which has become infamous for widespread drug cartel-related violence), and opened for Godflesh in Portland, Seattle and LA.

With their final release, La Fin Absolute Du Monde speak of today's spirit of rage and simmering revolution and want to get people thinking, while providing an intense musical listening experience. Jason says, "'Killing the Host' is us yelling for people to pay attention to the current state of affairs." Although LFADM may be over, fans of the band will be happy to know that Jason has been working on his own solo music, which will be released later this year

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