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John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Katie Dwyer to Release 'Let's Move' Album

The new album is set for release on September 9, 2022.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Katie Dwyer to Release 'Let's Move' Album

Let's Move, the much-anticipated second album for families from John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist Katie Dwyer, is set for release on September 9, 2022.

School Library Journal honored Katie's debut album, Music Makes Me Happy, as one of its Top 10 Family Music Albums from 2020 and 2021.

"I love to dance," says Katie Dwyer. "Let's Move is my invitation for kids and grownups alike to get up and move to the music. I've included instructions for dance movements within many of my lyrics, so it's easy for everyone to be part of the ensemble.

A real-life Mary Poppins who blew into NYC from Arkansas packed with a passion for music, Katie Dwyer spent 10 years as nanny to a dozen children from different families. Here, she learned the powerful value of incorporating movement and song into each day in the life of a child.

As she observed the joy of this positive contribution to the development of her charges, Katie's own skills as a guiding light blossomed. She was especially delighted when several of her young companions went on to pursue musical careers. Following the birth of her own child, Hazel Rose, Katie established the popular, NYC-based children's music program, Katie's Corner.

"The songs I write get a real workout in my Katie's Corner classes," notes Katie Dwyer. "Designed for maximum participation by children and their caregivers, they are carefully evaluated and refined in a real-life setting where I can observe everyone's reactions firsthand. It makes me happy to see how enjoyable it is for parents, who often confess to me that they listen and sing along to my music even when their children aren't around!"

A treasure trove of 24 movement-themed songs that sparkle with eminently danceable rhythms, Let's Move was designed to take children on an empowering, imaginative journey of story, song, and movement. The album bursts into action with the irresistible powerhouse, "Dance, Dance, Dance."

There's an upbeat, silly "freeze dance" number with an early '60s influence that captures to perfection the movements of "Gillie The Grasshopper," a Broadway-style, self-empowerment anthem ("I Am Me"), two piano-driven rockers à la Jerry Lee Lewis ("Dino Stomp and Chomp" and "Let's Rock"), two triumphantly joyous storytelling songs ("Roly Poly Oly" and "Tooper The Turtle"), a New Orleans-inspired tune featuring honkey-tonk piano ("Jazzy Fingers"), and so much more, with Katie Dwyer's vibrant, engaging voice and musical versatility front and center throughout.

With influences ranging from Broadway to The Beatles, Let's Move explores a remarkable range of musical styles, each of which relates in its own way to a rhythmic pulse. Katie Dwyer's gifted musicianship shines as she skillfully tailors her style and the sound of her voice to fit the style of each song. It's no wonder that several people have described Katie as "the Sara Bareilles of kids' music."

Katie Dwyer is a NYC-based children's artist and owner of the popular children's music program, Katie's Corner. Growing up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Katie started playing music at age seven, when her family purchased a piano. Her talent for playing by ear soon emerged, and this discovery led Katie to sit for hours at the piano composing her own music.

The birth of Katie's daughter, Hazel Rose, in 2017, inspired Katie to produce a bevy of songs, to Hazel's great delight and entertainment. This wave of creativity ultimately inspired Katie to open her own music program on New York's Upper West Side. Tapping into her years of experience nannying and her songwriting talent, Katie focused on writing music especially for Katie's Corner. In contrast to the repertoire at most other toddler music programs, Katie was determined to write and sing all the music she taught.

Katie's Corner opened two months before the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Word spread very quickly, as families throughout the Upper West Side began telling their friends, and Katie's program enjoyed rapid success. Reflecting her music and effervescent personality, Katie's classes are lively, upbeat, and fun. Families loved the songs so much that they began asking for a recording to listen to at home. Never one to disappoint, Katie released her first album, Music Makes Me Happy, in fall 2020.

Music Makes Me Happy was named a Top 10 Family Album of 2020 & 2021 by School Library Journal. Katie was also a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song, "Rosie the Hippo."

Katie's new album, Let's Move, will be available on all streaming services.

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