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IAMEVE Releases New Single 'Oceans Deep'


The single comes off of her EP Archetype.

IAMEVE Releases New Single 'Oceans Deep'

Los Angeles-based artist and composer IAMEVE has released her latest single the haunting and celestial "Oceans Deep." Tiff Randol, the creative force behind IAMEVE wrote "Ocean Deep '' last year during the pandemic when she was preparing a live looping performance for Noise Engineering's Noiseblast series. After acquiring a number of new modules and gear, she began experimenting with and sampling sounds in Ableton. Stacking up layers on layers, she was quickly blown away by the depth of this modular pad sound.

Finding inspiration from her two-year-old son's interest in whales and oceans sounds, Randol began painting rich sonic landscapes thick with analog synth sounds that recall the expanse of the ocean and the gentle, enveloping warmth of the giants that reside in it. She prepared this song for the performance and returned to it afterward to add more layers, and to experiment with its sonics.

Adding drum sounds using Noise Engineering's Basimilus Iteritas Alter, live guitar and bass layers, and sampled vocals using her Roland V23 Unit, Randol continued to find inspiration in the process. An interesting challenge that arose came in the keyboard part, which Randol discovered was actually a quarter-tone sharp. Because of this, it forced her and her fellow musicians to tune to that quarter-tone and to hit everything straight away without counting on tuning after the fact or relying on the perfect scale. It's a unique result for a creatively rewarding process and one that pushed Randol out of her comfort zone.

"Oceans Deep," comes on the heels of the release of her EP Archetype, and the wildly imaginative Starman 360 video. Archetype is a musical and conceptual exploration of the psyche and its many variants cloaked in a world of whimsy. Randol has made a habit of exploring archetypes in previous IAMEVE releases and in this particular chapter goes deeper, unraveling new aspects of herself and the unconscious collective in each song.

From 'The Seeker' in "Raindrops" following her curiosity to 'The Mother' in "Unnerving", a song written when Randol first learned that she was pregnant too "If I Were Queen". "Red and Black" highlights 'The Priestess' or highest self, while "X Girl" gives voice to her inner child feeling everywhere like an outsider, and "Unravel the Genius Inside You' in a cacophony of all these variants colliding. This EP is full of intimate self-discovery and creates a dynamic and cinematic journey that is at times ethereal and playful while veering fearlessly into the dark and occasionally disquieting territory.

Archetype was the debut release from Mamas in Music, of which Randol is a co-founder. Randol started Mamas in Music as a community support system for mothers in the music industry. Being a mother is a challenge in itself, and the strain can be exacerbated in creative fields such as music which have traditionally not been family-friendly. The organization is not only working to shift the paradigm for working parents in the industry but is looking to create resources and support for members through strategic partnerships. The first is a partnership with Burnside Distribution/Orchard, providing select members with a worldwide distribution channel and access to marketing resources.

The Starman 360 video stars IAMEVE and Keon Alexander best known for his villainous role in FX's renowned SciFi series The Expanse as Starman, was directed by Thor Freudenthal (Percy Jackson, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, La Brea) and re-envisioned in 360 with creative collaborator Kelon Cen.

The Fulldome version of Starman was tested and designed at Vortex Domes in Los Angeles. The original film received the Festival Platform Award at the Japan Media Art Festival, won awards at the HollyShorts Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, showed at Jena, Down Under in Melbourne, UCLA's Hammer Museum Flux Festival, and numerous festivals around the globe.

IAMEVE is not a persona, but a project devoted to exploring the collective unconscious. It was birthed after a life-altering injury that led her to a major spiritual shift. During this time of healing, she began to unravel many of her own archetypal discoveries, while her limited mobility forced a massive creative shift, spurring her towards electronic composition and performance.

Next for IAMEVE, as the world starts to open up is bringing her 360 Dome show to life, all while continuing to create, compose for film and TV, with new music slated for release early next year.

Listen to the new single here:

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