Giora Releases Debut Album IT'S SO QUIET BUT I HEAR YOU

Giora releases debut album with captivating experimental pop sound.

By: Nov. 27, 2023
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Giora Releases Debut Album IT'S SO QUIET BUT I HEAR YOU

Experimental pop singer-songwriter and producer Giora prepares to release their thought-provoking album on time and new beginnings, 'It's So Quiet But I Hear You,' available now across platforms.

The ten-track album combines sweeping futuristic soundscapes with classical elements to create an imaginative tapestry of sound that delves into social commentaries. Following recent singles, 'Tell Me,' 'Chrch,' and 'Pray,' Giora continues to explore evolving sonic landscapes with their debut album, introducing seven new tracks. 'Still Reborn' pulses with energy, featuring a dynamic beat and vibrant bassline, while softer tracks such as 'Hiding From The Moon,' combine avant-garde elements with introspective lyricism.

In writing the album, Giora was reborn into a state not bound by time. They put in the work to deprogram themselves from the chains of banality, inspiring the listener to explore their own sense of freedom and to embrace change.

Speaking more about the album's inspiration, Giora elaborates, "The album is my moment to leave the past behind and set the stage for something new, in it I wanted to conclude my grief, write hymns to the past, challenge existing mythologies, narratives and truths that formed reality, and in the silence I connected with higher truths that are devoid of the stories that have been used to deliver them. This album documents the journey of change, it is an ending and a beginning, a death and a rebirth-I experience time as a non-linear, malleable thing, because change is time. And with time being infinite, so is change. Let it be positive change."

The album's focus track 'Enter Eden' features innovative synths, classical piano riffs, and an explosively infectious chorus, further demonstrating Giora's ability to craft cinematic and immersive listening experiences. Giora admits since writing the song two years ago, the production has constantly evolved and metamorphosised. "I wrote it about my own process of loving myself and loving my body, accepting my body. Coming closer to nature, and our own nature. For a long time I didn't accept or love it. I was brought up to not see myself as I am, but thankfully I am way past that now and have fun in it."

Understanding that a lot of non-binary and trans people suffer with gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia, or simply being uncomfortable in their own skin, Giora adds, "I wrote it as an affirmation, a prayer, and a call-to-arms. Don't talk about my body, don't look at it, don't touch it - I am in charge!" This epiphany gave Giora the confidence to have a choice in how their body is seen and to evolve along with the song. Instead of ruminating on the past, Giora moves forward with confidence.

Drawing on their background in piano, the artist, songwriter, and self-taught producer, Giora blends experimental pop and classical composition to create dreamy and timeless journeys into their world. Writing, producing and mixing their own music, they released their debut EP 'Safe in the Dark' in 2020. Their momentum continued with recent singles, 'Tell Me,' 'Chrch,' and 'Pray,' which garnered critical acclaim in Notion, Mundane, Fame Magazine, and more. Giora's debut album, 'It's So Quiet But I Hear You,' is available now across platforms via their label, Holypop. Giora will be supporting the project with an album release show December 6th at The Glory, London.

Don't forget to stream 'It's So Quiet But I Hear You' here.