Duskus Returns with New Song 'I can change your mind'

Duskus Returns with New Song  'I can change your mind'

Multi-faceted London-based artist Duskus returns with his latest single "I can change your mind," along with news of a new EP on the horizon following his announcement earlier this week of becoming the newest family member to ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective. The EP, titled In Retrospect, is out on October 11.

"I can change your mind" is a luscious yet subtle soundscape that captures Duskus' affinity for meshing influences from his experience with UK sound culture and the influence of his trips to the US, seamlessly blending lo-fi house and future beats. The new track is a slow burning, twisting jam that pulls in and out of stream of consciousness, almost in a hypnotizing way that echoes the title. It evolved from a guitar riff he laid down along with his own vocals, recorded initially in a bedroom on some very cheap equipment he owned. The finished product is a testament to Duskus' evolution as an artist, creating a unique sound that's definitively his own. Simon White, aka Duskus, shares, "'I can change your mind' is a journey about someone opening their mind, and exploring new possibilities in pursuit of the truth."

As for the EP, he expands on the theme of self-truth, explaining, "The upcoming EP is a nice break for me. I say break because I'm finally creatively free. I have learned how to utilize all of my tools to break out of a genre box and really be who I want."

He continues, "In Retrospect is a journey to find myself as an artist and as a person. It is discovering how fragile and delicate this world is, comparing how people choose to live, and the different pathways that they take. I believe that life doesn't have a guideline, and there's no right or wrong way to live, each decision we have made in the past, has shaped our power and knowledge now. In Retrospect showcases my existential mind drifting in and out of different life stages, to create a journey of wonder and mystery."

Duskus has already made a name for himself as one of today's most cutting edge artists since his early days as the first release for San Holo's record label bitbird in 2014.

Since then, he's performed all over the world, captivating fans at major festivals like UK's South West Four and New Orleans' BUKU, as well as legendary venues like Red Rocks in Colorado. Later this month, he has a show set for Exchange in downtown Los Angeles on September 20 and a set at Bassmnt in San Diego the following day.

Photo Credit: Melissa Cowern

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