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Deradoorian Reveals New Single 'Mask of Yesterday'

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She will release her new album Find The Sun on September 18.

Deradoorian Reveals New Single 'Mask of Yesterday'

Deradoorian's new album Find the Sun is a record intended to be felt as much as it is heard. "I think it would be cool if people lay on the floor to listen to it, and let it go through their bodies," she says. "Being in that kind of space of awareness making it, I hope it evokes a physical reaction for people...that has so much to do with frequencies, vibrational relationships in sound." As a Vedic astrologer, this is a focus of her readings, the way our brains and bodies work in concert, and how that is completely spiritual. We are nothing without our bodies.

Today Deradoorian has shared "Mask of Yesterday", the final pre-release track before her new album Find The Sun is released on September 18. "I know it happened / But why does it feel like it never did?" she sings in the song's swirling, dreamlike state.

Listen to it below!

Find the Sun is not the record Angel Deradoorian originally sat down to make. It's a waypoint on a spiritual journey of acceptance, the result of years of lifting veils that obscured her innermost self, and coming to the realization that in order to find peace, she might need to cede a bit of control. The result is something that could only be found by the physical act of its construction.

Sequenced with a double vinyl disc package in mind (its only available physical format), the record is broken up into quadrants, helping guide the listener through its various twists and turns. The connecting thread is the theme of internal exploration, reaching for the best version of yourself.

"Overall, a lot of these songs are about trying to reach yourself - how to be your most
brilliant self," Deradoorian says. "...because we come from a culture that doesn't actually support this. We are so deeply programmed to obey societal boundaries that we don't even know the power we contain within."

Photo Credit: Sean Stout

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