Contemporary Tibetan Group Debuts 'THE VOICE OF NATURE' Album

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Contemporary Tibetan musicians, Yungdrung Gyal and Wangmo, debut their new album, "The Voice of Nature- Tshang Yang Gya Tsho," inviting listeners on the spiritual journey they took while creating their music.

Wind Music presents lead singer, Yungdrung Gyal, together with featured singer, Wangmo, as they use the well-known Tibetan poet Tshang Yang Gya Tsho's legend as the theme. The teachings of the Buddha and the 6th Dalai Lama are infused with traditional sounds from Tibetan culture, creating a peaceful and even romantic ambiance, calming the mind and uplifting the spirit.

There is so much to gain from listening to world music. Whether it's through yoga and meditation or everyday life activities, world music lovers around the world can enjoy this new album and get spiritual insights. Yungdrung Gyal and Wangmo use their experience to create music that reflects their unique view of the world and what they have encountered on their life journey.

In fact, it took Yungdrung Gyal five years of collecting Tibetan folk songs for the album. His music is filled with literature, history, and the accumulation of legendary art. The core spirit of this album surrounds romantic love, Tibetan culture, and nature-three undeniable forces that people seek for healing, hope, and happiness.

The album is a story separated into five different chapters. Each chapter conveys a different stage of one's spiritual journey. The artists mastered the teachings of Tshang Yang Gya Tsho and Buddha and bring it to audiences in beautiful melody and song. Many of these poems relate to different people's experiences of love, hatred, joy and sorrow. Yungdrung Gyal and Wangmo become storytellers taking listeners through their own experiences of inner joy, love and peace. At the end of the album, listeners come to serenity and stillness; a place where they can become one with themselves and even feel nirvana.

"The Voice of Nature - Tshang Yang Gya Tsho" is love and compassion personified. It's the sacred refuge we all search for in the hustle and bustle of today's society.

Yungdrung Gyal started composing songs in 1991 and entered the Chinese music scene four years later, with seven albums to date, such as "Magic Jiuzhai", awarded Silver Award in CCTV National Young Singer Competition, "The Vermillion of Plateau", "Song of the Shepherd" and other highly accepted and praised tunes. By means of skillfully blending traditional folk music and modern pop music, he developed an eclectic style in Chinese Pop.

"This album is a musical communication that travels across hundreds of years, between historical legend and contemporary reality," he explained.

Yungdrung Gyal strives to combine Tibetan music and popular music by using a different perspective and opinion to capture new inspiration. He continues to return to the roots of Tibetan culture, and gets his inspirations from the tradition, developing this new powerful music art form.

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